The current server dynamic is not a healthy long term system

The constant transfer tokens and server locking is a MESS and not acceptable.

I want a solution to the server issues caused by the fluctuating player base.

The current server dynamic is not a healthy long term system. What if people come back? What if my friends come back?

Introduce a shared zone for each server. Have a shared zone where players from other servers can spawn in. They are limited to this zone. But they can play with new people in OPR and expeditions. There is dueling and maybe public war FOR FUN in this zone too? That’s it. These zones would allow you the ability to minimally interact with a greater population of players. I don’t think that’s super complicated. There doesn’t need to be gathering or trade post in these zones. Just an ability to gather with players from other servers for OPR, Expeditions, Dueling, Chatting/Hanging out and the ability for companies from different servers to challenge eachother to war FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS.

Even dead servers can participate with other players in some way?

I realize there are maybe downsides to this system? Originally I wanted a regular shard system like Lost Ark, but I think there are too many obstacles in having entire servers available to the entire player base. Gathering, trading posts, gear etc.

In this way they will not have to focus so much on supplying transfer tokens and mergers etc. When a server hits a low enough population give that server a transfer token. The rest of the player base can be given transfer tokens like once every 3 months. Or put them in the store for purchase.

Thanks for reading try not to be super negative. would love to stay positive for once :slight_smile:

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