The current way of 'testing' gear needs to be fixed

How much damage will this do? is this better then this? etc.

We need the PTR or some way to test different weapons and perks before spending time, cash, etc. on them and also better ways to test for certain perks, like PVP only perks for example.

AGS needs to calculate a estimated damage like most MMOs and have a zone to test weapon perks and combinations without upfront cost of gold , materials, and time.

Yeah, would be nice if they gave you insta 60 with gear and mats and 100k gold on the ptr…

tbh I’m not sure they want you to.Info on this game is rare af…like try finding something that isn’t listed on nwdb.Most of the stuff you’ll find is way out of date.If you were able to fully test dmg ect metas would be formed from the ptr.Right now you can only get the gist of things on ptr.We would know whats BIS before it hit live.I think it might benefit ags the way it is.

ya another issue, all the info is so out of date lol.
People played like crazy in the beginning, designed things etc. but that’s all that’s flooded. now you can’t trust info.

Even the developers cant be trusted with how much perks bugs they ‘fixed’ but still had issues with after ‘fixing’ like resilience, the gem damage when t4 was better then t5, etc.

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