The death of the healer and light casters

Dont get me wrong, the days when I could just heal myself with 4 melee around me were ridiculous, that was a bit much but the dev’s of this game have completely over corrected and continue to shadow nurf light armor to the point of it being ridiculous.

I still have a 4 shirking fort and 3 freedom build.

Its not so bad in OPR where you have space to move around, can hang back and heal. But this still applies.

In arena its a joke. Any average player with a great sword and 450 str can literally just two shot you no matter how well you dodge and it blasts through a balm and regen potion.

The good arena teams are enow pretty much 3 x glass greatswords who drop the PUGs in literally 3 seconds a round. Hell, Ive gone in with a SnS and GA to try to at least stun the glass cannons so my teamates can hopefully get a hard hit on them (as they should) with very little luck (well, they are PUGS.

This fact generally applies to all melee now. Its a 2 shot death (with 150 con). BB is just about the same as GS. Other melee weps while being able to evade them better with dodge are still 2 shot deaths (through balm).

So why did the dev’s nurf light high damage/heals and not nurf melee running light? Isn’t it silly that after what they have done to light armor, melee can still run it no problem (because they absolutly burst damage crap into the ground). Hell, on my fire mage with a 2 million gold set, I still have to rely on targeting with my staff and a fireball that hits for 2K to 4K (crit) with full fire damage with full fire dam bonus… these guys can just come along and wack you twice for 3K-5K with a basic attack that they barely have to manually aim with. All that AND if they are decent evaders with a GS thats 10 feet tall they can get away just as easy as I.

The shadow nurf of light that keeps ticking up every update is ridiculous, I REALLY wish these dev’s played this game.

So in short, if you are gonna force healers/mages into light armors for any kinda of damage with a now craaapy abilty to escape and sustain, then you should force melee into at least medium builds.


The issue is actually dex more than anything IMO. Light melee dex is just an offshoot of the greater Dex problem. The stamina bonus from 150 dex is just way too good to pass up, combine that with the Greatsword which has multiple bonuses to stamina (listed below), along with the stamina recovery and shirking energy perks. When you combine all of these stamina bonuses, they become unstoppable killing machines with essentially unlimited dodges.

Greatsword abilities/perks that interact with Stamina:

Critical Comeback restores 5% Base health and 5 Stamina per second after getting a Critical Hit. This effect can only be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Step and Strike grants you 10% Empower for the first three attacks within 10 seconds of dodging. This effect will only apply while you are in combat. Attacks empowered by this effect restore 10 Stamina on hit.

Calamity Counter Blocks with 90% reduce Stamina Damage taken for 2 seconds while granting you Grit, preventing staggers. After 2 seconds or by ending the ability early (Recasting or Light Attack), unleash a counterattack that deals 100% Weapon Damage in a 4-meter radius. You will enter Defiant Stance after the skill completes

Steadfast Strike stab forward to impale an enemy, dealing 70% weapon damage, then rips the blade back out dealing 120% weapon damage pulling the target 1.5 meters toward you. Each strike restores 20 stamina and generates 150% Threat. You will enter Defiant Stance after the skill completes.

Faultless Defender reduces Stamina Damage by 50% when blocking attacks shortly after raising your guard or while using Guard point. Melee Attackers are also afflicted with a 5% Rend that lasts for 10 seconds.

Energizing Counter immediately restores 19-29 Stamina when activating Calamity Counter. This effect is reduced to 10-20 Stamina gain when this perk is not on a Greatsword.

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Color me surprised that mage and healer enjoyers still even bother with this game. When other action combat MMOs treat them 20 times better than New World does.

Us mages have tried in vain for over a year to convince the Devs to make us at least 75% as competitive as the auto tracking auto lunge auto play melees. Devs simply refuse, so the only option is to switch to the supported playstyles or jump ship to a MMO that does support those playstyles to be competitive.

Complaining about mage being dogwater in New World, is like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just futile. If the game is not going to allow you to have enjoyment, why even play it?


you can literally one shot a 50 con greatsword in an icewall with spike. Or a single medium bruiser with a healer would absolutely dumpster 3 50 con GS users. Only weapon that is actually brain off ez mode in arenas is BB an FT. Will dumpster any GS users assuming equal skill.

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I agree for the most part. However If you have 2 players of equal skill and 1 is using greatsword and the other isn’t. I would say it’s a fair assumption the gs user would have the advantage, plus 90 percent of sns players go sns or hatchet, making it an even more oppressive weapon.

As a mage my self, while I do kill these players, you just have to make almost no mistakes. I can use spike and delete people but I have to cast either storm or shower to get the bonus damage to have that kill pressure while a greatsword can do 5k from a heavy attack charged the same speed as a light. loads of greatsowrs abilities have to be doubled Dodged as well, their abilities track you through dodge rolls, sometimes they hit completely mid iframe. Idk greatsword is broken.

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Who tf? :joy:

Greatsword are super easy to deal with if you know they’re coming and your Stam is full imo. Two Greatsword is cancerous If two are chasing me I’m gone.

He probably means 300 strength, 150 dex 50 con or 200 str, 200 dex, 100 con, but ya.


Ya agreed, but as a healer. Multiple GSs are near impossible to deal with together, and by deal with I mean survive, cause that’s all healers have.

I think that’s where OPs perspective is coming from, though I don’t have an issue with it. 2 players working together should be able to kill me. Now if the nerf us to the point that pretty much every build can kill healers without giving us any offensive capability it may be gg go next for me

I would accept this if you didn’t have to dodge double skyward, double Dodge relentless rush, triple dodge cross cut. And they still have their back bar weapon. Stead fast strike is also nuts, it has commando pro from mw2 that tracks straight through dodges. You can dodge as it casts and still get hit by the second hit which pulls you back.

While also being at empower cap, 20 percent haste and slows on every hit.

Gs is broooken.

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First and foremost, yeah it is.

I usually dodge then distancing throw or take the opportunity to cc with javelin. Easy knockdown…I kind of do the same thing with charge except I just prepare the jav and accept the hit usually.

Dodge through relentless and you only need to dodge once

No? :V

Steadfast strike is the most broken skill on GS for sure.

Don’t forget the rend though. If I catch someone with a jav while they have that self rend from onslaught they’re d e a d.

Yeah all the staggers from multiple GS is just too much sometimes.

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As a healer I beg to differ as i can outheal 1-2 greatswords for atleast a small bit of time, really just depends on who they are in my server in arenas.

Greatswords are still op tho
No other weapon can while being attacked by 2 out damage the heals

Even with how broken GS is assuming the players are equal skill pretty much any meta Ig combination would have the advantage in a 1v1, except vg/ig since that doesn’t have enough kiting. As far as 90% of sns and GS using hatchet it because they Synergize well. 95% of GA users uses hammers, ect… hatchet is a good single target pressure Melee weapon and so are GS and SNS. Equal skill the only build GS has an advantage over is healers (it’s damage pattern makes it the hardest weapon to heal through) and other non-hammer non-gs melee.

I know why those weapons are paired together, my point is gs has advantages over most weapons. It literally has everyone in one.


Sometimes dodging through relentless rush works, but they just turn with your dodge and your dodge iframe doesn’t last longer than the spin. There are numerous examples of this plus the blade never ever connecting with your person yet just getting slowed.

If you see a skyward coming they can spin the second hit 360 degrees, depending on the timing you can dodge the first hit and by the time your exiting the dodge animation your hit with the second hit. You have to double dodge to avoid taking hit. The melee slow is just so oppressive on weapons like the greatsword.

Cross cut is 3 hits in rapid succession and the third hit has a giant hitbox. Granted no one uses this ability’s right now, still the melee slow is very powerful and each hit does like 2k base damage. Not something you just want to face tank.

Great sword applies Rend and almost every debuff if not ever debuff the game has. I know just didn’t mention it.


I wanted to play mage too, I tried fire staff for a long time but fire staff abilities are the worst in the game and useless for pvp. It is sad. Fire staff needs to keep fireball and they need to make 5 new abilities for fire staff. Its just that bad. Hopefully they put a good lightning weapon in the game and fix fire staff. Then I can switch back to mage when its great again.

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What is a PUG?

Idk I’ve never had it not work. They can’t do a full 180 if you dodge straight through it. If I dodge through and still get hit it’s usually because I got hit before I dodged.

I usually block or dodge the first hit(or just get hit) and cc them while they’re hanging in the air

Yeah I don’t see many people use this but when they do it to me they usually don’t make it. It’s just so slow. Rapid is a big stretch imo.

Trueeeeee but so do most other weapons honestly. I think that the difference is that you can have all that in one build.

Pick up group(group of randos)