The desync issue wasn't even touched with the 1.1.1 update

One would think that if a PvP-centric video game released an update that caused massive desync where melee attacks visibly connect to a target yet deal no damage and teleport the attacking player back 10 feet, developers would work urgently to try to get this fixed within a day or two max.

Nope, not AGS. Here we are 18 days and one full update later and this issue hasn’t even been looked at yet. But hey, they fixed the lumberjack achievement. That was of course a much higher priority than the entire melee combat system not working properly.

It absolutely blows my mind how incredibly mismanaged this game is at the moment.

Imagine if CoD released an update where a third of all the guns just missed half of their shots for no reason and then the issue went ignored for a month. That’s the current situation with New World, and people wonder why all the players are leaving.

Yes there’s quite a bit of frustration and salt in this post, but it’s because this game could be so good if it wasn’t so incredibly broken. No MMO is perfect on launch, but at this point it feels like this game is being kept on life support by about 10 remaining developers.


Indeed they are horribly slow and they only patch what they break themselves.

Desync has been an issue in this game for quite some time…like alpha/beta days. I know it got worse recently, but I don’t think its something they can just “patch out” – whether that be network code, engine issues, or actual hardware issues, this problem is long standing.

They pushed out a game before it was ready, and there likely isn’t a quick fix for this…Hence they are quick fixing what they can, like achievements. They may or may not be fixing this in the background over a longer period of time, but it is unlikely they are going to come out and tell us the why/what/when of performance issues.

Again, the game needs to go back to beta until major issues like this are ironed out. The game is slowly sinking as players become understandably frustrated, but all we can do is wait and hope AGS EVENTUALLY does the right thing.

I agree that there’s always been a desync issue, but it got a lot worse with 1.1.0. It would have been crazy to push out that update with the state that melee was in in the first place, but it’s exponentially more insane to just leave things how they are for nearly 20 days without even attempting to fix it.

Fix the desync issue…
Got to love charging, and warping back. Internet is fine.

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