The Devs are awesome!

I wanted to thank all the Devs for being so prompt to try and fix the bugs plaguing New World.

I am thoroughly enjoying the game and even though I would have expected a much better launch with less bugs, the fact you have been so prompt with patches and trying your best is awesome.

I understand people are frustrated. Thanks for the effort you are all putting into this awesome game. There are tons of people like me out there who appreciate your effort!

I look forward to see what you have in store in the future updates and know that I’ll be here growing with the game, the good and the bad.



I’m with you bud! Looking forward to whats next.


Yeah thanks for at least making enough content to get way more than my moneys worth.


Devs for being so prompt to try and fix the bugs plaguing New World

And who created these bugs and the flawed software?


We have many things to fix, we have many bugs and exploits, releasing period is not much successful… BUT, we have a good potential and these men are fighting, struggling for better 7/24. So, I believe in you personally dev guys as long as you listen to players and continue learn.


Im with you too!

This game is awesome and relly appreciate the effort of Devs.


No one created them. It was an error that wasn’t picked up. Creating games like this there will always be bugs. It’s how the bugs are dealt with determines how good the team is. The devs have shown to be prompt and not afraid to take decisive action to get them fixed

It’s awesome they lock it down and get onto fixing the issues asap. They are also listening to the community which is also awesome.


Agreed you have my support too. Despite a few design and QoL gripes I have, the game is enjoyable for hundreds of hours.

Just don’t go down the Wolcen route with the gold dup - total wipe will be disastrous and you will lose the bulk of your players. Support banning everyone who knowingly and willingly cheated with gold. It’s like walking into a store and stealing everything because there were no security guards there. Just because there is a bug or exploit in the game does not make it ethically right to use.


I’m in the same boat. I’m kinda looking forward to skilling for a bit and not thinking about the trading post


Finally, fellow White Knight brother, I love you!

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@BubuBub Please let us defend AGS!
Accept the fact that Knight exist! Pls?


Im with you


I support this thread. Im still having fun in the game.

Time will allow much of this to be forgotten by those that dont let issues like these bother them. Theres always other things and other games to play.

I still have a few goals to achieve in the game. I dont need the TM to do that and i have plenty of coin to carry me over. I think we have better days approaching.


These forums are hard to read with the amount of entitled whinging.

Cant belive people complain after 500 hours of entertainment that theres no content… or that theres bugs in the first few weeks.

Kids these days…

Imagine all devs actually listened to you jerks and stopped making games for you to cry about. They should be commended simply just for overlooking your crap and continually trying to create something awesome for you… when most of you dont deserve it all.

Keep it up guys, most of us really appreciate your efforts. Ignore the vocal minority!


Man I love them


Thank you for this post! I agree with every word you said even there are personal opinions that can differ…

I love the game and the product AGS has created even though it’s far away from beeing “perfect”.
Played many mmo releases in the past and none had the state people wished it would have…
But in the end I payed a small amount of money for a game I’m enjoying alot!


Y’all got your heads in the sand or what? Sure the game is entertaining in a pve aspect. But with the number of bugs after numerous alpha and beta test and reports about those same bugs and they still manage to not fix them on launch… Honestly what are y’all thinking? Get fed raw food and complement the chef as a delicacy.


Let me guess, the op is lvl ~30 and a casual player :smiley:


you call it entertainment, I call it Grind…I grinded my way to 60 to find pvp is broken with too many exploits, “hatchet”, the economy is broken, too many exploits, crafting mostly aint worth jack all… o but the game looks pretty… maybe I didn’t sign up for a fishing /wood chopping simulator…


+1 for this post. I love how honest and open the AGS devs are. Keep on trucking folks!