The dupe on tax

Reduce tax revenue.


Up next: “Why are the work benches not upgraded??? I can’t make T3 materials because companies owning the towns have no money to upgrade workstations and to pay the upkeep. Fix or we leave PL0x”

See where i’m going with this?


You sound as if you’re an oppressor!

There’s other ways towns can be upgraded. Wars won, town boards, quest, etc.

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Do town boards or quests pay money to the town poll? Or wars for that matter?

“If you own a settlement as a Governor, you need to also worry about the settlement upkeep fee, which must be paid every week. If you do not pay the upkeep fee, your settlement will lose its upgrades over time, resulting in players going to other settlements for their activities.”

Might i refer you to the post below with a better breakdown of the upkeep and upgrade cost (money)? As a player who doesn’t own a territory, would you be alright with having all work stations at T1 because you don’t want to chip in to their upgrading via taxes?

Nah they’d never say companies don’t have money, they’d say “I can’t make T3 materials because companies that own territories refuse to upgrade them!”


This is the most probable result, yes.

That post you’re referring to He paid less than 100k that week. I’m referring to the companies making 1.5mil+ a week. That math doesn’t equate.

If you have tier 5 station and you’re making over 10% of the upkeep. Tax should be limited as so should profit. The excess coin somehow could be split to other territory. In order for all of Aeternum to flourish.

It’s not fine for one or two companies on a server to hold the entire wealth.

At least a portion should return to the player base who paid the majority of the taxes.

No one player needs 1.5mil+ every week!

i do not participate in these,but can a company fromt he same faction attacka a settelment?

that would be a way to get a crap company out

Acting as though these companies aren’t making 4x or more the upkeep cost on my server :joy::joy::joy:

More people need to check out the governor’s desk. You can see how much they’re bringing in each pay period and the upkeep cost.

There’s a reason the company in charge of Everfall is running around in almost full legendary gear among the whole zerg.

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Splitting your money to enemy and/or competition territories? Did you play the game at all before typing this? NW hinges on territory control and managing the taxes so that your piece of the map is more attractive than the competition.

Of course it isn’t, get your friends together, take their territories, set 0% taxes on everything and you will have saved the server. This is what the game is about.

It does. Enemies can use the work stations which you have upgraded. Otherwise people who don’t belong to one of those “evil” companies couldn’t progress.

How do you know what anybody other than yourself needs?

If 1 or 2 companies own the map, beat them and reap the rewards.
If 1 or 2 towns have excessive taxes, go do your business elsewhere, this really isn’t that complicated.

Yes, that is the point of owning a territory. It’s not charity work to be available nearly 24/7 to defend it, to fight people trying to throw a war, to fight in the war.
If you dedicate pretty much a full shift in to the territory every day, you will expect for that invested time to yield some rewards.

if “4x more than something” is excessive, i have bad news for you.
In every open world MMO even remotely similar to NW there is a bulk of people who don’t want to commit and just “get by” but will complain and then there are people who put their time in to getting better at it, getting control over market/star systems/villages/stocks (depending on game).

Without taxes the territory cannot thrive. People move to other places, where they have higher tier work stations. Territory gets easier to conquer, not only because of upgrades lost to unpaid upkeep but lower morale.

And i can guarantee that both, yourself and OP would have taxes set to whatever is necessary not to have to beg within the company for donations to pay the upkeep and then some.

Do conquer a town, keep it controlled for a month and then speak with experience. Please.


That’s not the point. The point is the balance is overwhelmingly heavily skewed in favor of those companies. Territories become increasingly more difficult to change hands when one company can max gear up everyone in their company and has the benefit of built up defenses as well to keep the town. You can hardly even compete anymore unless you’re part of one of these mega guilds too. On top of that, everyone else is also stuck losing a significant portion of their gold to taxes which only further exacerbates the issue of trying to keep up to be competitive.

Here is what I need.

Get rid of PVP players owning towns. PVE players should own the town via and NPC governor with set prices and vendors. PVP players should defend only, they can “own” the fort, but that is it. Game mechanics to compensate the PVP players is up to the devs, after all, the devs came up with the current BS system currently in operation.

PVE players can upgrade the town trade benches, the PVP players can upgrade the town hardpoints for defense. The taxes are a disaster in progress. PVP players can do their own footwork to raise the tiers on the defense hardpoints, and be rewarded with different game mechanics aside from draining taxes from PVE players.

PVP companies should not be able to touch a single piece of gold for personal use currently other than to upgrade or pay their own imaginary territory tax these dev mindlessly created. CURRENTLY, Any gold from taxes needs to either rollover to the next “owner” or the gold should disappear completely on loss of the town.

PVE players, as I have typed many times before, need a way to remove a company via vote or some other PVE mechanic and vote to keep an NPC governor.

The current system of players owning a town is mindless garbage.


It’s just Everfall or Windsward

Sounds like it’s what you’re about.



Or maybe where your house/storage is

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The problem here is that the money can be cashed out. Not the taxes them self.
Without that on the other hand, there would be no incentive to conquer, own and maintain any territory. “Because of the love for fellow players” somehow doesn’t seem applicable here.

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I’m not with the OP on eliminating taxes. Obviously they’re needed. It’s just a really shitty situation if one faction or company has a complete vise grip on the territories and can set taxes to whatever they want thus greatly diminishing the experience of other players who are basically stuck working for these companies with way less benefit than the companies in charge are getting.

That’s a good idea on paper, i like it but we are all both, PvP and PvE players from system point of view.

Money is the main incentive to conquer a territory though?

Again, this should be an option since the beginning but there is no way to determine who is PvP and who is PvE.

I am mainly a gatherer/crafter but i do help the company when they need me. I don’t consider my self a PvP player much like i don’t consider my self a doctor because i was in a hospital.

So, because i did participate in some PvP activities, which part of that system do i get a say on?

PVP should only give control of forts with fort bonuses and pvp bonuses for the company holding the fort either local or global bonuses. Tying PVP to the economy creates a system where a small percentage of the players has too much control and where 90% of the player base quits.

Towns should still have taxes but it should directly relate to town contribution (something you can get doing townboards or paying taxes) contribution should be solely used to vote for upgrades and pay for said upgrades.

The current system allowed companies to kill entire server economies by maxing taxes everywhere and then fleeing the server with all the coins. Its bad for the game long term and ensures that there can be no broad appeal.

This i completely agree with but during alphas i was told that there are mechanisms in place to prevent that. Either they don’t work as intended or people managed to find a way around them but it wasn’t meant to be possible to join the dominating faction. Possibly server transfers messed that up.

Exactly, income for these few are way over tuned.

Taxes are too high for everything…

Why am I paying 0.5 coin on a 1 coin sale.

Why does it cost hundreds of coin when crafting.

Why are houses being taxed every week.

Why are we being robbed blind while 1% rule. You have crafters, fishers, gathers, and solo players not getting rewarded the same for their time.

How about you tax the rich and give back a % based on total taxes an individual paid. We gave to you and it’s your turn to give back!