The easiest way to Stop people from Umbral Selling

i am sure the dev didnt want to make the umbral tradeable right.
and its so annoying to everytime i read something in the chat people always post
" Selling X amount Umbral in X min PMO "
the chat in the game is literally spammed with so many people selling umbral

why dont the @dev make it so you cant party invite people when the whole team still in-combat. this alone will significantly reduce the people who sell umbral since they cant get out of combat.

thank you

They said multiple times that they allow it.

if they allowed it then why dont just make it easier to make the umbral tradeable

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Plot twist they are the ones selling it :open_mouth:

They allow it because it’s not being sold for real money. In the cases where it is being sold for real money it is a bannable offense.

I personnaly dont care but I dont understand the logic of bind on pick up if they allow ppl to sell shards.
They should just remove the bind on pick up so it will be way easier and safer for the seller and the buyer.


Honestly though, i really don’t like the “Bind on Pickup” trope to begin with, especially in a player controlled economic system like we have. You cannot sell anything to a vendor, it’s either salvage, drop or trade.

Why we have so may items that we cannot sell or trade is just ridiculous.

There’s not really a good case for not being able to sell anything.

Oh it is definetly being sold for coin that is bought for real money.

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