The emerging aristocracy and the lower class

Everyone by now has seen it. This is what happens when you do not separate PVP from the PVE.

PVP players take over cities, and make infinite bankroll. They are so far ahead it is a joke. Day after day they can feed their company members gold to max out all skills and get the best gear.

What is the answer people with this complaint are met with? “Just take the city”. This is such a joke of an answer. First of all, PVE players are a much larger portion of the player base. Fact. Secondly, the reason we are PVE players is because we do not want to do PVP. And in New World, that means you are a second class player.

It will continue to get worse, and every decision made by AGS reinforces this.

Some streamer 200 in all skills? Let’s nerf crafting into the ground.

People getting too many watermark bumps? Let’s nerf chests and boss farming.

Bots taking over every farming route? AGS: “We banned them”. No you did not. The same bots from day one are still playing and still farming. Day after day they are reported and left to ruin the economy.

The divide continues to get further. As more and more people see this there will be no new players. The economy will collapse except for city owners.

And because there is no system in place to prevent this, more and more consolidation will happen. Just this week almost my entire faction switched to yellow and took over the map. There are servers where more than 75% of people are one color and those left behind just get punished.

TLDR: Take control of cities away from players or shut the servers down and rebuild the game.


No lies told. I am seeing this for myself. In fact a Youtuber recently made a vid regarding the importance of GOLD in being successful and how the players with the most gold will ALWAYS dominate the game. So it’s further to your point of:

Yep. And the Bots…LOL. We have a bot thats level 58 on my server. We all saw him start from level 12 and he’s now a whopping 58. I try to body block him and have reported him. So has many others, yet still he thrives, running around like a chicken with the head cut off.

Same on my server. Everyone switches to the “winners” faction living in their everflowing gold bubble cities leaving the remaining factions out in cold space begging for an air sandwich. Already some on my side are talking of using their free server transfers.

AGS needs to do something about this. And making PVERs pay to get into dungeons does nothing but add insult to injury.

AOC needs to come out already!


I really want a livestream from the devs explaining how on earth any company that didnt make 6 mil a week while this tax bs was going on will be able to compete now and in the future. Or we were supposed to have 1 or 2 ( if you lucked out ) companies per server that wuld rule other peasants ? This thing did more dmg than all the dupes combined. I get it AGS wanted to do a good thing,but holy shit they didnt think it throu and than didnt listen in time to make changes.


Just take the city.


Art imitating life.


It seems more people are finding it easier just to leave the game and not return.

If there was less RNG on crafting gear I would have no issue but the problem is it’s a grind to make gold given all the sinks and you’re unlikely to get what you want if you go the crafting route.


i like the rng crafting. Ive had old games switch off rng crafting and the economy got a lot worse


im not sure why people keep feeding WW or EF guilds at this rate there no reason to base around those towns now since Ah is global would be nice to see popu;ation spead out more around towns so there not one or 2 towns making millions a week but more like each town getting 100-150k which isnt much when you take into account of invasion downgrading and town maintanence, poeple just insist on bank rolling the 2 middle towns guilds


Then why do you even care?

How does this affect you if you don’t engage in PvP?

Well of course they don’t ban them, they make up a large portion of the user base! Pad those numbers! Fun fact, bots get to thrive because of PvE players and the optional flagging that was provided to them.

Really though, I play each day flagged, and watch unflagged players run about care free doing whatever they feel like and then I see these threads and have to wonder, “How in the world can you be a PvE player that complains about things that ultimately have little to no impact on you?”

If I’m farming an area and an unflagged enemy comes in, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. If a flagged enemy comes we can at least fight over it. AGS was worried about PvP griefers and instead created PvE griefers.

All in all, it just sounds like you’re upset the PvPers got ahead of you in the PvE department by playing the PvX game.


I care because PVE players get punished with azoth taxes, property taxes, trading taxes, refining taxes, etc. We have no say in these things and get punished by garbage players who think what they are doing is funny.

It affects us because players with infinite bankroll buy all the stuff off the trading post. All the best weapons, all the refining mats, they clear it out ruining the PVE experience.

All in all it sounds like you’re an elitist prick who would rather see shitty systems stay in place so you can feel good about ruining another gamers day not realizing games die because of pieces of trash like you.


Its a competitive game. There are winners and losers. Stop crying.


TL DR … I can’t play the game the way it’s meant to be played so change the game so I make more money and get better stuff than they do


Simple fix is to just make company gold be bound in company vault. So that you cant take it out and give to members etc. Rather all that money should br used on territories and possibly add company shop where you can buy war/invasion/pvp related bound stuff for members.


Unfortunately this game is not for pve players. It seems clear that these systems won’t ever be good for pve players so my suggestion is to quit and find a game that supports pve players. This game is not good enough to hang around as a pve player. Besides all the pvp players want you out of their game.


A rich town makes around 2 million coins over 7 days ? that’s 300k each day. If you have a company of 50 people that’s 6k per person, per day.
Yes, they are rich, but not wildly enough to not invest in 50 players, if a governor ignores it’s company members then he will not be a governor for long.

Everyone in this game is a pve’er. There’s nobody who isn’t doing the things you are. Stop with this nonsensical divide based on other games you’ve played.


idk saw multiple ppl max all skills and still have tons of gold by just playing the market. having a rich company is not mandatory at all. yes, it helps, but is not necessary.


You wrote pure NON SENSE.

Never cared about any faction or political bs. I literally swim in gold and got all the skills maxed out except engineering and weaponsmith that Im doing now.
I have a full 600gs, the expertise almost maxed and I play healer and dps.

You know why? I just play the game as it is supposed to be played. I dont do windsward duels all day long. I dont do many chest runs or portal trains either.

What I do is daily quests, farming some secret places where no one goes, then some dungeons. I do quests when I’m in the mood and sometimes some chest run but rarely. Max 2-3 OPR to get daily rewards. I do the CD stuff also. Whenever I find a material I take it. I dont leave starmetals around. From day 1.


Those two are generally the settlements with the highest crafting stations. They are also centrally located which makes them great fir having a house there for transport purposes. It makes sense they are the most popular settlements and therefore make the most gold.

It’s poor system design tbh. The whole settlement system has turned out to be hugely flawed.


None of your examples of the divide between PvP players and PvE players have anything to do with PvP.

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