The endgame to new world is now watching it burn from a distance

After the patch it’s clear this game has no hope. AGS tried to make it look like the patch would be awesome, but the patch was actually a step backwards in every sense of the word. They intentionally nerfed player progression by an order or magnitude by stealth because they knew this would be an incredibly unpopular change. People were already complaining about how far ahead people who exploited early and often were, but now if you didn’t level your HWM to 600 and your professions to 200, don’t even bother because it’s not gonna happen. All elites are so much harder, and repairs so much more expensive. There’s no reason to want to progress, and the game was already dying before this. Things can be arbitrarily nerfed/buffed and even if 90% of the community is against the changes AGS refuses to listen. You can have your playstyle and all the gear you worked so hard to farm turn completely useless. GA/WH meta more prevalent than ever before. This game will truly be looked back upon for years as one of the most piss poor attempts at an MMO ever conceived. It’s clear the game has no future now. Waching it burn is much more enjoyable than anything you can do in game now.


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