The expertise grind is chasing people away. Here's the fix

We’ve seen a few people come back and leave again when they see that they have to level up their expertise a lot before they can get competitive gear and compete with everyone else. They’ll typically queue for 3v3 or for OPR and then quit the game.

I think a good first step to fixing this problem is to have every chest and possibly every boss in an expedition give a guaranteed expertise bump like the arenas do. This will allow players to catch up fast enough that they don’t just leave the game.

A lot of people don’t want to grind endlessly. They want to play the game.


If someone cant do a few box run, do gypsiums and then dungeons, which is now spammable for anyone, and can get their expertise up to 590 in like a week or less I dont know what to say. They don’t really wanted to play in the first place then if such a small thing will scare them away.
I can agree on that the expertise should start at like 550 or even 580 but honestly some people is just way too lazy and want everything without any effort.

My friend came back to the game 2 weeks ago with gs 520 and is already going m9 with me, lol.

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It was similar for me too, it takes no time or effort to increase the expertise since the latest updates.