The Fall Update will be the make or break point for this game

I’ve been gone from the game for a while. The event and the instruments are the only thing I liked about this update so far unfortunately. Nearly everything else that has been added feels even more limiting the player and not respecting the players time. For instance: You remove the dungeon orbs/keys only to limit everyone to 25 runs per week. You have a new resources that gets handed to you after completing a dungeon. The resource then allows you to craft the dungeon specific loot - only that it takes way too much of the said resource to craft any single piece. I feel like you guys are consistently making 1 step forward 2 steps back with this game. Congratulations on killing the only real endgame PvE activity the game has to offer: Mutated dungeons. I wish you guys overthought the weekly limitation. This is such a bad change in so many ways and it causes for more gating within the game. Players will no longer help others level their mutation levels and are less likely to join random groups that can fail runs and fall apart. What you created now is gated communities where most people run mutated dungeons only within their companies and people on their friendlist. Solo players and returning or new players will have a very hard time leveling their mutation ranks since it’s a lot harder to find people willing to join you now. If you think the dungeon finder will help solving this issue, you’re unfortunately thinking very wrong. The dungeon finder will not help with this issue at all. The weekly limitation to mutated dungeons will make people not use the dungeon finder at all and avoid random groups. People who were teaching others in low level mutations won’t teach others anymore. This will cause many of the PvE players that came back or got into the game not long ago to abandon the game once again since they’re pretty much locked out of one of the very few PvE activities in the game. Removing dungeon orbs was the right thing to do, but removing them just to limit players even more by simply locking them out of running dungeons is like shooting yourself in the foot. I can’t see how this system will help this game in the future. The Fall Update will be the make or break point for many players. I really hope you get that update right and stop limiting people left and right and not respecting their time spent on the game.


umm make or break point? that may have come and gone now, only like 10 servers worldwide now and they still havent addressed mega companies. valhalla right now each faction has one mega company holdeing 3-4 territories. theres just no room for a regular company to play the game.


The town owner system is simply a bad design since the beginning. It was exploited many times in the past and is also a huge contributor as to why many servers died. You just get too much power by holding these zones. Everyone outside is left in the dust. There’s absolutely zero sense of unity within your own faction, it’s all split up between many small companies. The system has so many flaws, it needs to get completely changed. People are creating these shell companies for a purpose: They’re battling their own members by declaring war to themselves to avoid others having a chance at all. It’s nearly impossible for people to get into wars since majority of companies that are left only pick the same guys for the rosters. What you end up getting is a big circlejerk where players are fighting the same players over and over.



I don’t know what the solution is, but I’d rather see people fighting in a battleground like OPR that has an effect on faction ownership of a town. The focus needs to be on factions, not companies/guilds.

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I can’t help but wonder if LAUNCH was the make or break for this game. :wink:

In other words, I wouldn’t get too excited about fall.


I am interested to see how the Fall update will turn out as well. I have been gone from the game two or three times since it came out, as I found it in some parts rather lacking and I got rather bored quickly. I started playing again since the Medley Fair update (probably about a week since it came out) and I find the update brings some fun in the game, although I have missed a lot in terms of GS and dungeons and arenas. I am slowly getting into the dungeons and trying to level up my GS, but I am also finding it hard to join dungeons myself.

I am more of a PVE player and I do enjoy the fundamentals of harvesting, skinning, mining etc, and the whole crafting stuff, but even now it is hard to do due to campers… I think something there needs to be done a little differently. They won’t allow the Overwolf resource to be able to have a minimap for finding resources, but people can still access resource maps online and use that :confused:

i suggested revamping the territory control system. replacing it with buyable company guildhalls where you upgrade your own tables and the like, using the war system in each territory to provide rewards in the form of faction buff to the winning faction for a certain amount of time (like wintergrasp in wrath of the lich in wow) but using crafting bonuses, health bonuses, all sorts availaable. any guildhall of the faction that wins the fight gets the bonus. and leave the trading post global and in town, not being able to be built in company guildhalls. but devs havent said a peep any time me or someone else has suggested anything similar.

they seem to be doubling down on their failed idea.

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