The farming bots, ruin the experience!

Hello, I wanted to draw attention to the issue of bots, since these currently plague the servers with their routes 24/7, there are even level 60 just harvesting motes. A big problem that we have been dragging since the beginning of the game, and for which they have no interest in ending. This is currently killing the game and its economy…


From my perspective bots were part of the game since start, agreed.

But for a couple of month I did not feel their impact a lot. A few fishing bots here, a few dumb mining bots there.

Since about three to four weeks, there seems to be a huge influx of more “intelligent” bots. Running around, changing their course, gathering this and that. The processes and bot definiton of AGS seem not be able to cope with them. As result their number increases continously, certain areas are picked clean almost all of the day, prices are falling for certain items (the ones sold by the bots and their controllers), rising for other items (the ones bought by the bot customers spending real money for goild).

It is a problem which increases continously. The most frustrating issue for me is the silence from AGS about this topic, despite more and more threads e.g. in this forum pointing it out.

That’s what i have to say about servers overrun by bots. Look at the players feeding the bots!

Yep you are right.

In the end the botting is a way for some people in the world to earn their living. I do not like it, but I will not blame them to much.

For AGS it is a fight against windmills for a fixed price game, where you can spend only a certain amount of money for support. So yes they need and should do something against bots, as it impacts their game badly. But I will not blame them to much, since they are not the root cause.

The real root cause are the people spending real money for in-game gold and items. But like with a lot of other topics in the real world, there is no point to argue with them. They think that it is just and right what they are doing, for whatever weird reasons. They think just about themselve.

You can try to identify and ban them, but when going this way, there will be also innocents impacted. No way around.

Everyone should thus ask himself, if I get banned unjust, would it be ok for me, knowing it has served a higher cause ? In practice a lot would say yes right now, but later when the event happens, then it would be not ok for them.

As result only realistic chance is to increase the costs for the Bot-businness, making it unprofitable. And this can only AGS do, by changing mechanics and more clever ways to identify and ban bots.


Or reduce the advantage, people can buy. People don’t use money to skip what they like, they use money to skip, what they feel is not fun or not necessary.
If you take gear out of pvp, noone will pay to have the best gear in pvp. (and it makes pvp more skill based)
If you take out the need for maxed out live skills to craft orbs and such, people won’t pay to skip gathering when leveling live skills.
There are better ways to make players invested in maxed out live skills (crafting skins for example).
If you need to employ time gating, don’t use just one specific game loop for the time gating, give several for different play styles. (Time gating is in general something to be ashamed of, AGS!)

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