The few things AGS did to kill New World

There actually two changes that destroyed the fundamentalism and the fun of this game.

  1. Reduced the amount you get from chests and crates. This essentially reduced the amount of food, refining resources and recipes. How did essentially hurt this game? Most people don’t farm refining agents at all. Flux, Sandpaper, and so forth. This is all done by bots. Why? Because it would take all day just to get enough to do your dailies.

  2. Reduced the amount you get from gathering. Wood, Stone, Mining. Completely destroyed the point of farming these resources. Who wants to spend 6 hours after they get off from work to farm enough mats to do their dailies. No one. Hence Bots.

  3. No actual progress until recently of quality of life changes. Weapon Swap bug? Do you have any idea how that affects PVP? Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to die cause you can’t weapon swap? Apparently not cause you waited almost 6 months to actually come up with a fix.

  4. Your developers are terrible. How do you have so many bugs? And how to continue to created new ones, over and over and over and over. Every time you patch the game, you literally break it with new bugs. How is this even happening? Find out who on your DEV team is the reason why this is happening, or find out how other MMOs happen to be able to fix things w/o creating new bugs. Seriously. This is embarassing.

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