The Final Argument quest not working

There is no ‘Perfected to perfection’ quest that could complete the main quest. I would like your help in solving the problem as soon as possible.

Could you let us know which part you are stuck on?

Could you provide a screenshot of your journal?

There is no ‘Handcrafted to Perfection’ quest. That’s why I can’t do the quest ‘The last argument’.

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Apologize about this misunderstanding in order to complete this quest you need a secondary quest wich is given by the same NPC Wang Tangzhi in Ebonscale Reach. To obtain Handcrafted to Perfection quest you have to complete a prerequisite quest chain that involves “Alvarao Villanueva” on Ebonscale also.

Try to check if you have any incomplete quests from those 2 NPC if not please create a web ticket Contact Us | Amazon Games and use the post as reference.

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I have all tasks completed. I create ticket. I am waiting for quick help

Hey @pyonyer

Thank you so much for creating the ticket about this issue. Please let us know about the resolution and if we need to help further!

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Has anything moved on my case? I have no answer or information.

As you can see in the attached picture.
I don’t have a previous task to complete the current one.

Hey @pyonyer

Hope you are doing great.!

Apologize about the late answer. You will need to contact the live channels in order to ask for more information about the ticket since is manage by a different team.

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