The Fish Bot got stuck or this disconect bag? on a hot spot (VIDEO)

Server: EU Asgard
name: e1Rock
link video

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This sometimes happens when the internet connection is lost

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either it’s a discount (I’m not ruling it out)
or it’s a bot that failed at exactly the moment when it’s necessary to pull a Big Fish or something else.
In any case, there are a lot of fishing bots - let the admins check. It’s not for me to decide - but it’s suspicious.

by the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the same player :D:D:D and came here to the forum to justify yourself. You just registered and in the game I said that I posted a post on the forum. Tell me how you’re doing :D:D:D

I have been fishing since the release of the game, if there was a bot, then surely level 200 would have been a long time ago XD

Fill in the full video, where a few minutes later I was thrown out of the game and I came in again and talked to you in the chat

I recorded a short video and sent it to the forum while you allegedly “re-logged in”.

I’m not accusing you of anything and I’m not trying to hurt you or show off. It’s just suspicious and it needs to be somehow influenced and checked.
It is unclear why:

  1. You are trying to justify yourself on the forum
  2. Why, if you are disconcerted, you are not on the spot now and do not continue fishing.
    All the facts against you and discount are in the last list, unfortunately it goes.

an innocent player will not immediately create an account on the forum and try to justify himself. All these are signs of a guilty person

It’s just not very nice

it’s not very good if you were burned for using a bot
But everything is fine, if you have nothing to blame - the admins will check you and won’t even touch you. And you shouldn’t be here right now in that case. But you’re trying to prove something here. There are hundreds of fishing bots in the game. And you fit their description :D:D:D

This thread delivers.

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Just ask a friend of your to check if your still fishing, while you force your I-net connection to shut down (Deactivate Ethernet Adapter for example) while fishing at the indicated spot.

If then your friends sees you that youre stuck as well like the allegedly accused player, than all is good.

If not (most likely using a Bot)

It speaks volumes…

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sounds great. That’s just I don’t have any friends :D:D:D

Well then ask some kind dude on your Server or company.

I think denjedwf961 is right, the same thing happened to a player I was fishing nearby. He was fishing normally, then suddenly this weird animation began before he was disconnected from the game some seconds/minutes later.
Maybe 5 mins later, I had the in game message about high latency, and was disconnected too.

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It’s very good that there are people who have seen it yet. After all, it is much better if it is a discount and there is a living person there than a demon machine :smiley:

Send him a tell. If he answers then hes a bot!

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