The font alacracity punishment change

Alacracity punishment on the lifestaff is horrible, change it to exhausted exploitation and it will be way better.

Honestly that or just something unique for such a unique weapon. That or they need to consider making life staff int/focus so you can run a nature DPS build. They would need another tree though. Focus secondary just do it retains it’s kinda meh DPS status but let’s you go heals with it.

Otherwise they need to double down on these life staffs being healing focused. Everything good needs blessed or remove that perk. DPS perks are dead perks except maybe keen with a keenly fortified.

We kinda have ourself pigeon holed into blessed, refreshing move, plus final perk right now. They need to diversify healing perks so that you can have some fun chasing different ways of healing instead of a single BIS life staff.

Nerf Blessed to 5-10% Bonus healing instead of 20%

Then make heals crit (a chance for them to be like 5-15% higher on a crit)

Boom, suddenly crit/keen/vicious etc perks are no longer trash on lifestaff lol

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Yep this man ∆ speaks sense

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