The Foresaken Players

I was one of MANY that when New World launched went and played on a different server than my friends and family after AGS promised to implement server transfers. When they were and we all got one free token, I transferred to the server my friends and family were on. All together we had almost 2 companies worth of people playing together. The balance of power was somewhat balanced, but then the great exodus began. Companies from other factions started leaving in droves, and before long there wasn’t anyone left to fight. My company made the decision that moving to one of the more populated servers was the best move for everyone to be able to enjoy all content in the game. Since me and a handful of players had used our transfer tokens to come to the server, we were now stuck on a dying if not dead server. Even our server group that we were to be merged with was super low as far as population. It has been almost 2 months now and I am still stuck playing alone without my friends and family. I have reached out to AGS several times via the 1on1 live chat option on the website and the conversations always end up with “AGS policy is players only get 1 token. They will eventually be able to be purchased through the in game store. Please watch the forums for updates.” I would gladly buy a token if they were available but alas, AGS is dragging their feet on this and there isn’t much info coming from them on when players will actually be able to purchase them. In the meantime my exile continues and AGS could not care less. One would think that either the Devs or Support team would have SOME option to help players, but all we get is essentially a “screw you deal with it”. I haven’t played on over a month except to log in and see if a second round of tokens has been given out or been made purchasable. I really enjoyed New World, more than I had a game in a while, but playing by myself is no fun. If this isn’t fixed or at least addressed in the next couple weeks I will have to just accept it for what it is and cut my losses. If that is the case then I doubt I will ever play another AGS game as this shows how little they care about the players. How unfortunate…

I highly doubt they aren’t working on a way to purchase some. Also correct me if I’m wrong but havn’t they said another free round will come possibly in spring?

Spring?! I hope not that long. They realistically need to look at putting these out in the next couple of weeks before they merge again. There is no point doing anymore merges until they give people the opportunity to move servers to where they actually want to be. Only then will AGS know the full scale of the situation with the servers and how they are populated. There are people on my current world looking to move that can’t at the moment and I can imagine some others are in the same boat across all worlds. It will make them a decent bit of $$ to offer out paid transfers so it seems crazy to me to wait so long. Fingers crossed for server tokens ASAP imo.

Thats the post referring to a possible second round

Two months ago you should have taken matters into your own hands and just rerolled a new toon on the server with your friends.
You wasted 2 months waiting on AGS for something that will come far too late.
Sure you would have started from zero again but you would have had friends to help you catch up.

We should not be forced into that position to begin with. I have tons of time already invested into the character that I have built. Sure they can help with leveling, but gathering skills will take another forever to grind out. To have AGS ask me to just start fresh isn’t the way to go about it, not when they have a means to correct the issue.

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