The free realm transfers will ruin the population of this game

My realm which is Sitara went from up to 2k+ queue in the evening to barely 1.5k players at the peak hours in only one week simply because so many players lost interest in this game ( heavy grind +hardware issues and so many bots plus this damn corruption that takes over half the map not letting us to even gather resources anymore along with extreme taxes on trading and housing ). And since even more players will lose interest over time considering that New World has no real end game besides crafting with RNG and fighting for territories then the population on my realm will drop even more.

And we will have free realm transfers making even more to leave because quite a few companies want to go on low population realms to own territories with no real challenge.

The bottom line is that my realm Sitara which was supposedly a popular realm with so many players will end up to look like a cemetery.

They have touted their ability to merge low pop realms within a “cluster”, so I don’t think people should get their hopes up that they can go find a server where them and their makes can establish their own little fiefdom.

The player drop-off after launch is supposed to be one of the things the game is specifically designed to handle.

  1. people do not transfer all at once (hopefully the switch is NOT done this way)
  2. current server situation is not equal to server situation after free transfer period
  3. free transfer period will lead to a more balanced population between all servers
  4. people are losing interest because the game doesnt cater to them, this is unrelated to server population
  5. Amazon has made its money already, empty servers and the game dying would be THEIR best result, because it kills ongoing cost.
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That depends on how much revenue they are making from the cosmetic shop. I see a fair few people running around with stuff from the shop, so they are making a non-zero amount.

I think Amazon’s best case would be a single server with only whales that purchase every piece of cosmetic that comes out, locked in an eternal PVP struggle for dominance. :rofl:

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In that case, running it for free would be even better, with a faster characterprogression in total.
This lures players into a “wanting” mindstate.

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