The future of exploits, bugs and player moderation

So we got a few issues popping up and I think it’s time we work on methods of future proofing the game and ways we can squash these problems.

First of all I think we need a line drawn in the sand on how people interact with bugs and what should happen to people that abuse them.
There are some bugs that aren’t the players fault at all, like resilience giving too much mitigation.
There are some bugs however that disrupt game play and need to be forcefully triggered like the current hatchet bug.

I think they need to draw and line in the sand and punish these players that will flat out abuse broken things by triggering these bugs then altering their play style.

We’ve also quickly seen that players are more than willing to ruin the fun for other players through various means.

I think it’s time we counter those people with player moderators.
They’ve been a thing in the past and have worked fairly successfully in RuneScape and I think they could work in new world and could cut down a lot of issues

Player moderators should have 3 privileges that other players don’t.

First of all they should be able to mute players, each mute will be reviewed by the customer service team and would primary be used to cut down gold selling spam and its secondary use would be to curb over the top toxic chat, a warning would be required and would only be used on gamer words or death threats and dumb stuff like that. A warning would be required for the latter.

The second would be a high priority report system.
If a bugs being abused or something has gone really wrong that requires staff intervention mods would be able to send a high priority report.
Could also be used for players suffering from states where they can’t play because of perma death or what ever

The 3rd thing would just be a simple tool to view other players, a player could reach out to a mod and request to screen share just so they can see what’s up.

I think this could aid a lot of problems, the actual knowledge of there is something that can actually assist with making punishment happen could curb a lot of bad behaviour.

What do we think team?

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