The future update (1000+ hours feedback)

Alright, i’ll try to keep it simple so everyone can understand.

1: As the new update notes say: only 600gs itens can be upgraded to 625, what that actually means?

why on earth would anyone buy anything that is not 600gs? Market for any item 600- is gone.

2: As the new update notes say: expertise will be raised to 600 by the old methods, what that actually means?

I had dropped 600 gs itens since before expertise comes out, but it came out as 590, so now I have to level it up to 600 all over again. (lucky me that have not wasted gypsum trying rng goodies past 590 but i shall not get the umbral shards until 600, see my point?)

3: As the new update notes say: Expeditions will have a great increase in loot rate (the normal ones)

Why on earth would I keep using then in-game right now? i’ll be waiting for the update to start with more keys.

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