The game is absolutly in a bad state!

so as i am stating with my Titel already this game is in a very poor state.
PvP is unbalanced and unfun you get nuked by the Icegauntlet / Voigauntlet abusers.

ofr everybdoy that doesnt know Icegauntlets icestrom perk is massivly bugged almost on the same lvl as Hatchet bug was maybe even harder since that bug is on an aoe ability (icestorm) and multiplies YOU ENTIRE DMG FOR THE DURATION doesnt matter what weapon your secondary is …
Voidguantlet itself is to strong atm… still you can run full con and nuke ppl. this is absoluty not good…

AGS needs to ACT FAST ! they need to emergency fix such things i dunno why they are not giving a fuck about this absoluty poor balance + laggs everyhwere in wars … mutators nobody gives a shit about em fix your pvp …

My suggestion:
Nerf the Voidgauntlet and fix the massive utility bs
Fix the Icegauntlet perk… (HOW IS THIS STILL A THING ANYWAY!!!)
Lags in wars need to go

if AGS does that it could give a better game.

TBH if they keep beeing slow at these MASSIVE imbalances the game wont survive.
Tanks ? useless you cant take more than 3 hits before you need to run.
Bruiser builds ? with the stupid IG bug not worth playing just go range and try sniping …

Far to many Exploits in this game that dont get punished.

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