The Game is Completely Unplayable (Constant BSOD = Game Over)

I’ve tried. I put forth the effort into trying to like the game but, it’s just not there … at all. It has come time to put this game in the ground and bury it.

First and foremost, the constant BSOD’s after seemingly EVERY update are just unexplainable and absolutely unacceptable. I am not going to sit here and continue to damage my computer over and over again trying to fix something that shouldn’t even happen … EVER! Apparently, this is something that has happened since August or September of 2021 and has not once been addressed, which is really confusing considering it should have been something that should have been addressed immediately and before anything else. Absolutely UNacceptable.

Secondly, the constant lag is just absurd. There should be zero lag with a company as large as Amazon, which makes this issue very laughable. How can you not have addressed this in your Closed Beta stage? Constanly dying because of the dreaded lag monster and not because of the game environment is another unacceptable issue. AGS even caps their servers (also, I find this to be a game-killer every time … more on this later) which means lag should NOT happen. And before anyone critiques MY internet: I’m on a wired connection with incredible speed. I have zero lag with anything else I do online.

And lastly, the 50-some+ servers you have, which divides your customer base and makes an “MMO” into an “SMO” (Small Multiplayer Online). Small servers tend to make people shy away after awhile because they get bored (ADHD?) really quickly, particularly when its the same rinse and repeat crap over and over again with the same people, over and over again. Its no wonder people have been leaving servers for another, and then eventually the game because of sheer boredom (… and possibly irritation caused by frustration; see above). One would think, with an economic giant, that they could figure out how to make a few massive servers to support a very large player base (regional servers, of course).

Additionally I could note the numerous bugs that seem to never get fixed, no matter how many times they get reported. And even when they do get “fixed,” something else that was related seems to break. The “Dupe” issue for instance, comes to mind. All of things are unnacceptable in an MMO, and some of them laughable given the developer.

The content is good; good storyline and good graphics, and the progression seems like it needs work, but the base is a good start. Not much in the way of skill diversity but there is plenty of room for potential. Imho, you should really make a way to cap a number of skills so that everyone cannot do everything. This floods the in-game market and does not encourage any kind of competition in the way of serviceable goods. Absolutely needs work in the areas of combat: very limited in what you can do and the skills one can use. Again, if there were numerous skills and the player was limited in which skills they could choose from (diversible mix’n’match), this combat system has some potential to be extremely good.

I could go on but, in the end, the issues well out-weigh the potential. This leads me to have no suprise in why players are leaving this game in droves. The nails in the New World coffin have been fashioned and are ready to install. Its sad too because I have been looking for a good sustainable MMO to get into again but in the end, it will not be new World.

… amd yes, I would love to give my stuff away but sadly I can’t even log into the game because I continually BSOD when I try – and yes, I have tried all the “fixes” but they no longer work and I refuse to continue to damage my computer anymore. Until we all meet again in the next Flavor of the Month …

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If you are getting a BSOD, it’s a YOU thing, not a game thing. For all the many problems this game has, causing people to BSOD is not one of them. Your system and/or config is the issue.

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SOOO glad you know my computer and how much of an expert you are in computers. Unfortunately you couldn’t be more wrong because my computer does not BSOD on anything else, and I play some graphically intensive games.

But then again, you knew that, didn’t you?

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I don’t need to know your computer. 30 years of building my own PCs informs me that BSODs are nearly always an issue with hardware, drivers or config. That and the fact that tens of thousands of other people are apparently playing the game without issue (well BSODs anyway) is a sure sign you have system problems. It doesn’t much matter if other games run fine, NW is tripping something that’s not right on your system.

First place I’d start is remove any OC or UV if you are doing either. If it still BSODs, get all the latest windows updates, and then clean installs of video drivers. One of those 3 is normally the culprit 90% of the time in my experience.

I wasn’t trolling, but evidently you are merely to dense to understand some basic things about pc builds. Good luck to you.

Do you not remember what all this game has done to people’s graphics cards when it launched? I too got the blue screen of death from this game on t’s initial release… come to find out it was the frame limiter on the intro screen… something so simple yet game breaking and hardware breaking… for you to say it’s not the game’s issue but the OP’s… you’re out of pocket bro.

You don’t have to build computers for a living to know what would happen to your GPU/Power supply if you’re GPU is allowed to go full retard on FPS…

Seems I am not the one who is dense but thank you for pretending to know anything about me, of which you do not. You have the pretense that you know more than anyone when it apears, you do not know what you think you do. It would probably be best to stop trolling this post and retire your rhetoric.

I do, and that was a widely reported and recognized issue. There currently is no such consensus as to BSODs happening. There would have been massive numbers of them reported at the last patch if that was the case. In absence of that, logic dictates it’s his system.

If everything was working fine for him up to 3 days ago, I’d go back and see if windows automatically installed something (it has a bad habit of deprecating video drivers).

But hey I’m a troll, so I probably shouldn’t walk through the steps I would look at ….


Because you don’t read and pretend you know what’s best for everone. What makes you think I didn’t look through the steps and try what did work, as well as the fixes that did work before? Again, you pretend that you know more than others. I know what I’m doing with MY computer, as well as the several other computers I have also built, that also do not have issues.

So yes, you are a forum troll.

Its not the game, 100% the OP’s computer/config.

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bro… just stop. the game is a mess, period… it’s the game. it’s the engine. it’s the optimization of the game.

I want to know who plays this game with no issues… I want to see 10’s of thousands of people state that the game is working for them with no issues… I’ll wait, but the game will be gone by then. (if it continues to stay broken)

Well I may not know much about you, but due to our interaction here, I certainly know you are a rude, douchey, jerk off. Have fun having your post ignored by Amazon. At least you won’t be alone with that particular problem.

To be clear, the game has lots of issues, bugs, desync etc., I’ve never said it didn’t. All that aside, there are not mass reports of BSOD that you would see if the game was at fault. Game don’t run? System issue. Almost always.

I literally would get the BSOD on the loading screen until they fixed the frame rates on the title screen XD… and I guess I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get their GPU destroyed.

wait no it’s a driver issue… nope, it’s NW.

Funny, I thought the same thing about you, but with other adjectives. And thank you for NOT helping soooo much and instead offering me insight to what I already know.

Just stop trying to be the one know-it-all who can fix everyone’s problems. To that end, if you can, tehn go to Ukraine and end that problem instead.

Almost eh …

Hey my first two posts were civil and intended to help. You were the one who found the need to reply like some sister kissing redneck.

THAT was intended to help? LOL You seriously need to re-evaluate yourself and what you think is “helping” because it is clear you have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Just stop responding please because at this point, you are merely verifying the fact that you are indeed, a forum troll.

And in case you need definition, that is someone who only replies to posts to initaite a series of argumentative and potentially disturbing rhetoric that has nothing to do with the OP subject.

Sorry for butting in this conversation, but as the owner of a permanently damaged graphics card, thanks to NW I would like to mention I did my research on how and why this happened.

I’ve seen/done some actual thorough stress tests done on NW and with modern hardware, and the test results were it’s actually both a hardware and a software issue.
The hardware (a variety of 30 series Nvidia & and some AMD graphic cards) is at fault because some of them having a flaw in there ampere design that potentially allows the voltage limiters to be overridden via there drivers. (this applies with some 20 series Nvidia cards as well) and as you can imagine graphic cards are not meant to do this.
However on the other side of the problem, on the software side of things NW coding applies unnecessary pressure on hardware on this specific flaw thanks to it’s poorly written code based on the games modified engine.
So no one party alone here is at fault. But Instead they both are and they should be both working together to resolve this quite serious issue.

Just to clarify if I’m not taken seriously, this hardware flaw has been around for quite a while, ask any good qualified hardware engineer or senior software programmer, and if that’s not good enough for you check out some of the more information here or here for a video


As another person here who has suffered from BSOD while playing NW, I have to stand on the “Your system problem” side.

In my case, again, it was only NW causing BSOD, no other game in my collection did that.
Howerver, there was one other program also causing BSOD, which made me think that it was not totally NW’s fault.
I discovered the reason for my particular problem, and I will explain it here in case it helps you.

You see, BSOD are caused by code that runs at kernel level. NW is a user program that runs at user level so, by itself, it cannot cause it.
The other program that also caused BSOD is a neural network model utility for graphic design.

The cause was that NW was at some times making heavy use of all the cores in the CPU like no other game in my machine does. That is actually a good thing, because it squeezes out all the power my hardware has, that goes underused by other software.
Coincidentally, the neural network program also squeezes the CPU to the max.

The cause of the BSOD was a defect on my Asus Fan Xpert software, which controls the speed of the system and CPU fans. Instead of adapting to the current temperature, it wouln’t get past certain speed.
As a consequence, the system overheated, and some stuff would start to fail. The BSOD would come with different messages every time, like invalid memory, bad IRQ, etc. It makes sense, since the overheating would cause something random to fail every time.
The BSOD was being launched by Windows’ kernel itself or a random driver (which indeed run at kernel level) when they detected that bad stuff had happened.

I solved the issue by updating the Asus Armory Crate software, then establishing manual temperature-RPM mappings for the CPU, GPU, and system fans.

Ever since, I have not had a single problem with neither NW or the neural network model.

Hope it helps!

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