The game is dying

Game is laying on EU’s population. It’s 8AM. for real man. you can’t.

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es un mmo …

Well it’s obvious the OP is looking for some attention.


half of players loss from peak

is this the first mmo u’ve ever played? name 1 mmo (or game in general) that has maintained the same or even close to the same amount of players they peaked on their first week of launch? imagine being this braindead


World of warcraft, has had alot of players during its start of vanilla, and maintained a population of 12 million actively players who pay a 15 dollar sub and pay for an expansion.

Well apparently this game is dead, but you have World of Warcraft so it doesn’t matter?

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WoW lost a ton of players at launch. They had so many server issues and bugs that people were leaving in droves. Hell the had entire servers that went down for over a week.


that was 15 years ago, theres no excuse AGS has the largest servers in the world

But this is also the first game launched…

There is a reason why Wow stopped releasing sub count in like 2015. Any information you have to show active player counts is pure speculation.

there’s a thing in wow called that logs and tracks all max level players that do end game content

anyone with half a brain can make an educated guess off of that data

This was your response to

You are either being argumentative just to be so or you are a bit lost overall. You used WoW’s launch of an example of a game without issue at launch. I informed you that their launch was a mess. You then turn around and say

The whole point was that very very few games launch with little to no problems.

the link doesnt even work, also wow was the first mmo blizzard released, so theres no excuse in how amazon cant pull off an mmo, shows money cant pull out good talent

It’s still a guess. Even the content creators that use WoW content as their job will tell you that it is a guess and can be way off.

‘educated guess’ nice one. Please show your data and I will evaluate it.

yeah i was replying to that user named lick idk this forum has broken reply mechanics much like how the game has many broken systems

are you bored of video games? including this shit one too?