The game is dying

You do realize this is normal for an MMORPG right, which makes me wonder if this is your first MMORPG or if you’ve never really observed other MMORPGs on Steam charts.

peak almost a mill, half of it gone, what happened? game sucks? yep

Once more, this is NORMAL for an MMORPG lol

During the first month the peak will drop from about a 1/3 to 1/2.

Half a milion players, what a dead game :smiley:

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The fact you posted an Asmongold video is enough for me to write you off as a troll.

Sorry to all the Asmongold fanbois in here.


Then why are you still here? Go play Fortnite or something.


I’m confused, dying with half a million. LOL

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World of Warcraft is a rarity in MMORPGs, especially now a days.

New World atm is #2 in concurrent players on Steam. After looking at all of your account replies you either don’t understand things or you are just mad at the game and just want to doom and gloom.

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It is not dying, look that neither runescape has that amount and it has never died

lol keep coping this game was dead on arrival

Every single MMORPG loses a lot of players in the first month or so. This guy doesn’t get that. By this persons logic every single MMORPG past, present and future is and will be “dying”. lol

If they have played more than just this MMORPG, I wonder if they made a “this game is dying thread” on all of those forums as well.

darkemperor101 is trolling. Let this thread die.

the truth is in the numbers, this game is long way dead



the numbers … right now steam says it is the number one mmorpgs on steam. you’re drunk

Hey, Dark. Sorry for suggesting you go play Fortnite. I should have said, Roblox. Go play Roblox or something!

And tell me, did you ever get those Roblox Toys you wanted 4 years ago? The ones to go with your Roblox action figures?

Yea, just googled your username. You’re just a fowl mouthed, toxic kid that still has a lot of growing to do and it’s probably best if people ignore you from now on. Bye bye now. waves

well that’s stupid. since its just asmon watching bellular’s video. but i see how biased you are without even reviewing actual information easily accessible by a single google yourself

so who’s the actual troll here :joy:

This picture literally just shows a cycle.

bruh why would you bump a 3 day old thread…come on.

everyone is high on copium in this thread