The game just killed my GPU

Just loaded the game up and was waiting for the servers to go live this morning, was there for like 3 minutes and my computer completely shut down itself on me and would not power back up.
When I opened the case and checked the GPU, it was extremely hot.
After preforming a long list of check and test, I was able to get the computer to power up only when the GPU was completely removed out of the system.
Ryzen 7 5800
Corsair Vengeance 32GB

Terrible news, but it sounds like its more of a hardware issue. Maybe the fan cooling system was not working?

RIP dude, u not gonna get a GPU at good prices now.

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It seems vsync and the FPS limiter is broken in game too.

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Scrolling down the pages and I am seeing that a lot of people are ending up with damaged GPUs.

yup defiently broke! I have vsync on and capped to 60 and im still getting over 100 FPS! lol

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