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I love this game i spent more than 500-600 hours playing it. But after i played elden ring i cannot comw back and pretend the game is fine. Its not its in a really bad spot and i am sad about it :confused:

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Hello @sonamthebuffed

Thank you for your feedback on the game, i am really sorry that you are in a bad spot and not enjoying the game now. From my end i will definitely forward your feedback to the development team to help you.

Also would request you to check this link out if you have any other queries or concerns so that you may also be able to contact us via live medium. All the best with the game.

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Thank you

Short and sweet. Elden Ring has a potential parry (if you use a shield), the dodging is better, jump attacks, weapon arts. Above all else stagger for the most part. Makes timing very important. Whereas in NW, just spam to win…brainless. Why there are so many GA.

New World could take many lessons from that game. Make combat more personal/methodical (no lock on though plz)

I honestly hope that they can “steal” Some stuff from these games. Revamp the game cause jts wonderful.

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