The General Pointlessness of Suggestions and The Need for Clarification

Hello there,

I was one of the lucky few who successfully logged in on the launch day. Since I am recovering from a surgery, I don’t have problem logging in during the day. The evenings, however, are impossible as everyone experiences.

There are a lot of topics here in which people complain about the queues. The suggestion to most of these, by community managers and a small percentage of players who don’t mind paying money for inferior service, is to start on a different server.

I think I would be speaking for a lot of people when I say that we shouldn’t have to and we don’t want to abandon our characters, whatever level they might be. Therefore, I don’t think introducing new servers will be a solution to this problem in short-to-mid term. It is important to also mention that a new server is just as likely to be clogged up in the meantime, which means free server transfers won’t mean a lot either. We can’t keep starting over on a new server every time that happens.

As my honest feedback, I think the following questions should be clearly answered by the studio:

  • Do you depend on people changing servers, people giving up on the game, people losing interest etc. to provide a decent experience?
  • What is the estimated, and ideally guaranteed, date that players will be able to log in without having to queue to any server of their choosing?
  • What is going to be your refund policy? In light of recent events, Steam’s 2-hour rule seems to be out of the window; since that is literally how long an average player waits in queue.
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