The Gold Compensation

As the title says, everything what everyone has put up with for the past few weeks the core players who are still hanging onto a small thread of this game from **Trading post lockouts / House problems including lost houses / Inability to play the game properly through constant bugs / Dead servers + All the other things that you could think of. Taking this into consideration Maybe 200k is 2 much but if you was saying a set 100k borderline to all players i think that is fair taking everything into account.

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What? Do you understand what happens, if you floot an economy with “money”? And even give every player the same… xD


100k To each player from all the issues we have had with the game since release is not going to kill it. Im certain.

At this point I would be happy to just be able to play, maybe a higher droprate of rare stuff and get the 7k back that randomly disappeared a few days ago from my inv

Gifting coins while you’re drunk is not randomly disappearing.

Same here bro, I have died many times to scuffs in the game. I lost my House in-game had to go weeks trying to figure out what to do as i only had 1 house at the time when my house + items vanished i was left with an over full storage, I then had to find gold to buy another house and move some stuff to another region to get out of the over-filled status, Along with this i had to buy new house items and buy new houses again

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