The Great February Bug Hunt Recognition

@Luxendra Hello! I’m just curious what if there has been or will be a follow up on the Febrary Bug hunt? I personally spent a few hours myself testing and finding bugs. I made a detailed post describing the bug, and the potential cause of the bug to make the fix easier for the dev team. I was the first person to notice the root cause for this bug. I’ve waited a month but haven’t heard anything.

I haven’t seen a post about anyone getting recognition from the Bug Hunt event.

I would ljust ike to know that my efforts were appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


Definitely highly appreciated! I’ve sent the bug list off to our teams to review and I’m currently in the process of handing out recognition in the forum of a flair (bug icon on the bottom right hand of your profile picture). Might take a while since I have so many posts to go through but I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get these up.


Thank you for the reply. Glad to know it wasn’t forgotten! I was just concerned because I hadn’t heard anything since the original post. I appreciate the communication, as long as I know it still is in the works I am not worried about the length of time needed to get it finished.

Thanks, keep it up the good work!


And to just close the loop and follow up on this: [Megathread] The Great February Bug Hunt - #331 by Luxendra

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The same here!

Awesome! Thanks for that, definitely can feel the appreciation!

I know this isn’t the place for suggestions, but I think the forum titles look very neat!

I think more titles would help promote a more healthy forum.

  • Monthly house decoration contest
    - users submit a video tour of their house and a picture. You hand select 10 submissions and have a community poll. Winner gets a fancy title like “House of the month” and prior month winners get “Former House of the month”

  • Monthly Outfit contest

    • users submit pictures of their favorite outfit (full cosmetic outfits excluded, partial is fine), same deal chosing your top 10 and having a community poll. Winner gets something like “Top Outfit” and “Former Top Outfit” for prior winners.
  • Have similar titles for forum related statistics

This was just off the top of my head after seeing the title.

Definitely something I’m interested in exploring for the future! This is just our first attempt at something new but I’ve got some more ideas up my sleeve.


Recognizing the volunteer efforts is a huge step. Thank you.

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100%! I’m glad to hear that you like the title and flair. I’ll keep iterating and working on events to host here in the future.


Please keep these posts on topic. I’ve addressed stutter and desync on other posts and it remains one of the highest priorities for the team.

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Thank you, we don’t mean to spam about it, we are just eager for some dev response as it is literally game breaking.

Woahhh slow down there, one thing at a time! :joy: Show a little appreciation!

In all seriousness this isn’t a new issue from the past month. It’s an issue since the void gauntlet, possibly sooner. The stuttering however is new. I eventually got angry and made a post January 6th about it. It’s my #1 issue with the game 100%. The devs definitely know about it and in my opinion if they could easily fix it they would already. Definitely seems like some complex server-client communication issue. In my opinion, they might be having to reach to outsources for help. The stuttering however is new. They probably had to pull some staff off the desync to look into this stuttering. Its bad PR if they say they had to outsource it, but it’s something dev companies do frequently.

The one thing devs should to do is to make a public post acknowledging it. I agree. However without a timeline a lot of people will freak out. You already see the “when’s the march patch?” posts all over the past week. I personally would atleast make an official public post about it. But I don’t run a company.

But jumping on my post about a different topic was uncalled for and come off as standoffish.

HI @Luxendra just wondering, where exactly is it in preferences? I can’t find mine :frowning:
and the snail, i want my snail!!! sorry for being a pest lol One more question, why are some of the bug hunter titles orange (really cool) and some are grey. This is so awesome!


Got a screenshot for you! It’s got like a “settings” icon with it. The flair setting itself should be at the very bottom. They should all be grey :thinking:

Doesn’t show up for me! All good though. Maybe it needs a specific rank we don’t have yet?

I also have the title set, but no option to change titles or set a flair.

Yeah, give us more stuff please.

Flair option? I don’t have a flair option. Why I no has flair?
sad panda

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I spent 15 minutes looking through the preferences yesterday and I couldn’t find it either XD I don’t mind seeing I only have one title but thought I would give my input in as well.

D: okay I’ll take a look. In the meantime, I’ll take stock on who wanted the flair up and add them.