The Great February Bug Hunt Recognition

I spent 15 minutes looking through the preferences yesterday and I couldn’t find it either XD I don’t mind seeing I only have one title but thought I would give my input in as well.

D: okay I’ll take a look. In the meantime, I’ll take stock on who wanted the flair up and add them.


Thank you!! Looks awesome! :smiley:

Thats a fierce looking bug hunter XD

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I havent gotten any flair :frowning:

You’ve got it now, @Loff!


I reported two in game, can i have it as well?
Or does this not count @Luxendra :frowning:

Sorry, you had to follow the rules within the Great February Bug Hunt megathread to get the title and flair.

Lol I see you have “regular” title though :slight_smile:

could I get the bug added to mine when you get a chance?

I don’t see an entry from you.


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tyvm! Had to change the avatar to match how we feel about bugs :slight_smile:

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Oh, no, I just meant the was no flair option - empty or otherwise. :slight_smile:

Just checking. I reported bugs here:

I would have expected as least one of those was a verifiable bug (especially 202), if nothing else. Are these still under review? Where would I find the badge/flair if I have it?

You have the “Bug Hunter” title, most likely the flair hasn’t updated yet. I know on my account preferences I can’t access the flair or title. But I’d 100% assume your bugs entries were accepted lol

LOL! I was looking for somewhere to set the title. I didn’t notice that when I posted a message that it appeared. And, like you, I couldn’t find a place to set it or see it. But! Great catch. You caught the bug in my title. JOURNEYMAN BUG HUNTER to you. :wink:

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Oh im so wearing my flair and title! Thanks luxendra! Hook it up

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Awww i want mine, thats fierce af

Omg i have it!!! Thanks lux!!! I can sleep good tonight. Gnite everyone!!

Unsure of what the rules were for the bug hunt thing. Didn’t know there was a set of rules to follow. However, I did post in the page about an issue that I had with the game constantly crashing. [Megathread] New World 1.3.4 Update Bug Reporting - #14 by Garh1993
Which seems to be an issue in conjunction with the February Nvidia GeForce Graphics driver update. Since the march update it is a bit better, and I actually play.
I also made a post about a bug where my skinning knife disappeared. Skinning Knife Disappeared

I have the same issue as JakeL

My settings page doesn’t look like the picture you linked, its missing the title and flair seciton

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