The grind wouldn't be so bad if the content was interesting

Do you know why people are complaining so much about all of these time gates and various currency grinds?

Well for one, its grindy, however, in order to make it feel less grindy, the content needs to be meaningful, challenging and most of all interesting.

The fact most quests are the same with no scripted mechanics, the boss mechanics are also very basic, the new mutations are just a change of numbers, adding extra damage, different resistances etc.

Its all very very basic.

There is grinding in all mmos but the problem with this, is they aren’t developing any interesting mechanics/story/quests, it’s all lazy.

Guild wars 2 World events. Take note. The world bosses on the timers are fantastic. Each of the quests have different ways to complete them. There are loads of scripted world events.

The game needs interesting content. Interesting mechanics that make the game fun to play. Making people change their gear to have resistance on is not a mechanic. It’s lazy.

Where is your passion for gaming?

I love the game, mainly down to the feel of the world and the sounds, even though that needs variety in all aspects but cmon.

Dragging content out longer doesnt keep players. Fun, interesting, content does.

It looks and sounds like a living world, but half the time, it doesn’t feel like it, and that’s what makes the grind so hard for people to handle.

Oh and look at the world bosses on ashes of creation… And that’s like 2-3 years off being finished…

Cmon AGS, show some innovation.

The quickest path to money is not one that has longevity.

Whilst I know it’s a business, you are in the entertainment business.

So there is one and ONLY one question you should ask when creating a feature, system or content…

Is this fun?


Addictive content is MUCH easier (and more profitable) than fun content. If you don’t think psychologists were involved in helping design the lotto crafting system… you’re just naïve.

Gambling addicts don’t complain that the slot machines are boring becaus they are addictive. They are not fun imo. So in that respect you are correct. Also with the swiping up to refresh the news feed on Facebook. It’s all psychology.

My post is more to explain why it feels like such a grind, not what makes more money or not. Yeah it’s addictive but you can have fun and addictive.

The sad thing is, gaming has become about business but I still think you can have both.

Lost Ark is a fine example, which I’m looking forward to.

The issue is that they released it with only about a year or so of PVE creation work having been completed. They have talked about doing most of what you mentioned (the devs recently released like an hour+ long video that hit on a lot of this). They need many months (maybe even a year+) more of dev before the game hits its sweet spot, IMO, and many people think that because they have oodles of money they can just instantly make things happen, but you can only have so many people developing on a single product at once.

Yes agreed. They need to keep it simple

This patch should be

  1. Balance Weapons
  2. Create an MMR System For PvPers
    3)Create 2v2 /3v3 /5v5 Arenas (This game small scale PVP is amazing and is never taken advantage of )
  3. Drop All PVE mobs in OPR if we wanted to pve we wouldn’t be in a PVP mode
  4. Widen the gap between armor sets
  • Light armor 10 more % dmg inc
    -Heavy Increased damage reduction
    -Decrease damage and healing output on Heavy Set

6 ) Bugs

  1. PVE Content

World Bosses (Cool World Bosses with forced PVP)
Mutation System that is innovative. Don’t copy wow that’s lame

Sorry a lot more PVP Shit as it why I play this game but I’m sure PVEers will have their input

Didn’t mean to delete my last post…

I agree with the points.

They defo needed longer but its not an excuse to create bad systems.

I know the game will get better, provided they have enough funding.

I’ve written posts previously to challenge people that seem to think they are a trillion dollar company and have access to lots of cash.

Anyone that understands how business works, knows that isn’t the case.

Here’s what I want to see:

  • UI improvements.
    -Rework on trading post.
    -Better search functions for tp
    -Able to inspect others as it helps.
    -Options to create raid groups.
    -Option to look at recipes whilst out in the world without having the pin the stupid recipe.
    -Company systems that enable you to see donations and more visibility into players within
  • better quests, more scripted, more interesting that just kill this, collect this
  • world events, again, scripted, similar to GW2
  • world bosses with good mechanics, not just kill these adds they have spawned, same goes for expeditions
  • reduce the loot drops for greens, blues etc. It’s not exciting having these drop all the time. And with that, makes the gear that drops actually useful in some way, most of it is not useful to anyone.
  • remove the sodding orbs for normal dungeons!

I can go on but I cba.

It goes without saying that the rubberbanding, lag, bugs, bots etc should be top priority and I know they are working on that fully in Feb but there’s so much work to he done.

I’ll keep plodding along.

I said in a previous post or mine that I would happily pay a monthly fee in order for them to repair the game, but I retract that whilst there is so much work to do.

Waffle over. Time to play another day.

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