The Grumbling Troll

I think the Devs should create a character in game to honor the hard working forum Grumbling Trolls.

  • nerf this nerf that.
    -we need merges/ I hate merges.
    -we need more events…this event ruined my life and is the worst ever.
    -we need more pvp…Then scream about the broken meta.
    -the dungeons are to hard… the dungeons are to easy.
    -The economy sucks we need everything handed to us for free.
    -i should get a cooldown mule like a bot…that guy is a bot burn him at the stake.
    -this game is dead. This game is going to die. My server is to busy…my server is to dead.

On and on and on…I understand corrective criticism.
The guy that says i have not played in 3 months then comes everyday to complain is not that.

The guy that has been saying this game is dead for 3 months now…also the Grumbling Troll.


Love it and couldn’t agree more…

Its one and only dialog line should be “People who complain are trolls.”

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