The GS of items should not be affected by expertise as increasing GS will already be enough to distinguish casual and committed players

The gear score of purchased items should not be nerfed not because it is unfounded but because this will create a greater divide between players and their commitments to grind.

Understand that you want to reward the players that commit to the grind and are always pushing towards the end game gear nerfing purchased gear will be one of the biggest casual player killers.

A compromise to this dilemma could be that gear between 500-600 should not be affected by a players expertise as this will actively discourage casual players and crafters from participating in mutations and PvP content as their gear will not be on par with their peers leading them to feel underwhelmed by their predicament.

The increase to gear score and from 600-625 is good as this will showcase the people that participate in the end game content and have a large commitment to the game while not being complete gated by the 500-600 grind.

The belief in this mainly arises because stalling players progression aka time gating is a very easy way to sway a lot of new and casual players from participating actively in the game many of my friends have already quit due to the long grind, and time gating the 500-600 grind will unequivocally see a drop in crafters and casual players.

It is my understanding that to get gear to 625 you will need to commit time and resources to individual items to progress them to the new max gear score, gear that is already bound to the player gear that can not be traded, gear that will need to be swapped around so that players can adapt to the new expedition’s which will require them to grind the expeditions again, gear that needs to be 600 to be upgraded.

In this instance, It makes no sense that there should be any time gating for players to obtain 600 gear score items if this is to be the new system as the player will have to consistently increase the GS of new and better loot to adapt to any new enemies or system the game may throw at them.

In summary, the gear between the levels of 500-600 should not be nerfed for any player as this will create too much of a time gate for crafters and casual and the introduction of the new mutated expeditions and the new 625 GS grind will create a significant enough challenge and goal for committed players.

PS: Please bring transmog into the game especially with the inclusion of this new system and how it functions and the ability to colour skins this will open up a variety for customization and allow for people to integrate their skins with current armour more seamlessly which will encourage the purchase of more skins.

PPS: If this nerf goes through as a casual player I may have to reconsider my commitment to this game.

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Join a rich company. Get free full 600gs crafted gear. Play 1 hour and uninstall. Commited player. =)))


There are groups that run content daily, join a group man. Expertise is so easy to rank up, those who actually complain about it are lazy and want to simply buy their way to the top. Put some actual effort into the endgame man.

Play for fun. Stop trying to invalidate the way other people play the game. That’s the problem with the update and it’s the problem with your reply ^^

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I’ve spent around 500hr in-game grinding and progressing my character I’ve only just been able to start obtaining 600 GS items through the market and crafting are you saying that I’m lazy. I have other commitments other than this game I can not play this game day in and day out. I’m also a solo player and I enjoy progressing in my own time I’m simply saying that this change will seriously time gate casual players and discourage them from trying new content. though the increase to gear score will be a well-deserved reward to players that wish to commit the time.

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You can increase it by crafting, pvp, dungeons, chests. Takes time and you won’t be instantly given the best items. I have a little less that 400 hours and my expertise is almost capped. You can play how you love and still increase it, dunno what else you guys want. Not really invalidating how anyone plays when no matter how you play you can get gypsum to increase you mark. Good luck out there fam.

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they need to remove the time locks on gypsum

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With the amount of time it takes to get the gems and the little it increases, I’ll fully agree with you on this.

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