The Gypsum System is a Brutal, Unrewarding Grind: Check the Math

One hour of mindlessly grinding mobs for topaz gypsum gets me on average 3 points of expertise. I need to raise all my gear from 500-600.

So 100 expertise points per slot. Let’s say there are 5 armor, 3 trinket, and 2 wep slots I care about. This is a big assumption, because I’m locking myself out of playing any other weps (and god forbid I want some tank shields in the mix too), but okay.

10 item slots * 100 expertise needed for each / 3 expertise per rank up gypsum *1 hour of grinding = 333 hours of grinding to max out my expertise.

Even if you boost your efficiency by doing other gypsum types, the whole thing is just a lackluster solution to a horrible problem (ahem, the high watermark system). Compounding the problem is a lack of endgame which means even if I max out all my expertise, all I get for my efforts is a slim chance for high level monsters and bosses to drop gear that enables me to … do the same content I did for the past 333 hours.

Please tell me what I am missing here. I really want to like this game and have so far been able to look past the plethora of bugs, but newly implemented “content” like this makes me scratch my head.


The lack of content is a very real problem- it’s true that there isn’t all that much to do with the 600 gear you spend so much time chasing.

I actually think the expertise system is a good model given the economy-based nature of the game- it provides a means of having actual progression, when otherwise everything is just money-dependent and all BiS gear is just purchaseable with no need for dungeons or other endgame content.

If gypsum were the only, or even primary way to increase expertise it would be a monumental grind, but you should really just see it as a supplement- a way to give a reward to many different activities. You can still get way more expertise by just running 66 POIs and Gen/Laz.

I think ranked competitive PvP in some form, and scaling PvE like challenge versions of dungeons are needed to provide a real goal for all this gearing up.

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They actually said they adjusted the gypsum rewards, but nope 2 to 5 GS that’s literally nothing. AGS is 100% uncapable, it’s not us beeing toxic or negative. It’s them beeing absolutly horrible as a company. Every second word they say is creating outrage, and most of that outrage is or is at least somewhat is justified.

To go to your topic, you can grap like 3 gypsum per day when a event is running, anything else requires some gear/gold/time investment. So the grind will be prolonged into infinity

The gysum system isnt meant to be the main way that you up your expertise, this became apparent to me last night when I got like 9 expertise bumps in one genesis run.


Around 300 hours seems reasonable to me. That’s less than I’ve spend in game thus far.

approx. 12 days worth of playtime just to be at true end game. i have to disagree

Hey did you get 9 expertise bumps on one slot in one genesis run? Or 9 expertise bumps average across all your gear in one genesis run? If the latter, fk it, I’ll pay for spots in Genesis runs and be done in 10 runs…

fraid not, the slots were random of course, but seriously. Thats probably the best way to get expertise. SO many bumps. Also I know that they nerfed random bumps from elite zones, but you definately still get several when running something like Ambusti.

I dont understand it. Before the patch we could only farm chest and bosses.
Now you can harvest, play outpost rush, kill specific stuff and no clue about the other ones.
You can choose what you want to upgrade. Its way better than before.

This is no content update, they give you more options to farm it, so you don’t have to do the same chest run everyday.


yeah. Folks just don’t get it right: Gypsum is an extra way to get EX for the slot you want. That’s it - no more and no less
And it’s a good upgrade to the system overall.

The system is actually good.
It gives you a guaranteed reward for playing the game. No matter what you do, every highend action gives you a bump in expertise.

Running dungeons right now will give you 3-6 bumps just by looting the dungeon + 1 gypsum orb, so you get up to 7 bumps and one of them is guaranteed for the slot you need.

And remember that you get a ton of gypsum orbs while just doing normal things.
Just cooking 100-150 meals (which is super cheap compared to anything else with trade skills) you get 1 gypsum orb and a chest that usually covers the cost of the crafting.
Arena, takes 5 minutes to kill the boss - guaranteed bump.
Dungeon with friends to have fun - multiple bumps.
OPR to have some PvP fun - 2x and you get a bump.
Doing portals for azoth etc.? 7 orbs and you are done.

Remember that you STILL get normal drops during chestruns etc so your experise goes up way faster when you just play the game and do not get crazy about the watermark.

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