The hard problems with game for now and for the future

This time I will touch on most of the gathering of resources. My other 2 posts you can see here:
Problems with leveling, PVE, Interface
bugs with animations, skills, food

In this moment Mining is totally not the same as Logging, for farm, for example 1 000 green woods u need over 10 mins, for farm 1 000 iron ores u will need 30-90 mins. If we look at the amount of wood and iron required in the craft, it seems to be approximately equal (but only if we take into account the need for coal), but for now we abstract from this aspect and climb into the leveling of professions: we will touch Engineering, Armoring, Arcane and Weaponsmithing.

For this moment I will look only to the “leveling” resources and recipes (craft as much as possible t2 weapons/ armor)

12 metals
5 woods

4 cloths
4 leathers
1 metal

12 metals
3 woods
2 leathers

12 woods
3 leathers
2 cloths

25 metals
9 leathers
20 woods
6 cloths
Remember how hard it is to find and mine ore and how easy and fast it is to get everything else

Result: too much irons people must to farm, it is totally disgusting.

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