The hatchet is useless now!

There’s not much to say, just change your weapon because it’s no longer useful.

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Why do u believe that?

all go bow or bb) top wepon in next patch oh no) in last year

the weapon had a good sustain was its triumph, now without healing and without DD, it doesn’t have engage it doesn’t have cc, if only the lifesteal was 15-20%, to heal as before if it had hit the enemy.

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No tracking, and has two passives that will now require you to heavy lol


Exactly, but I never changed my hatchet and big ax build, for me it’s part of the essence of the character. The vortex nerfs make sense, and there are ways to use other skills for dps. I only play PvP and against good runner players I always sweat to kill them now it will be simply impossible.

heavy attack goes against the hatchet mechanic in pvp, not in time for that, how is a heavy attack going to hit an archer? just sad i will go to GA/GS against my will Oo

The hatchet should get nerfed . It was broken


eu concordo, as pessoas estavam usando-a apenas para correr e isso está horrível, acho que o ideal de um berzerker seria ter um lifesteal decente. você o viu como está no ptr? não parece que está funcionando nem os 5%.

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when all the weapons eventually fall in line with eachother the game will feel better, any player that has played a competitive team based pvp game can see that it was overtuned

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nerf and kill is a bit different. In fact, the hatchet caused less problems than rdd, but rdd was almost not weakened, is this normal in your opinion?

hatchet is lol weapon, use berserk and run from fight :smiley: is that disained ?


Low skill weapon. Just activate Berserk to kill your enemy while tanking their attacks with your face, or to run away because you didn’t you’re so bad you couldn’t land a single attack. I hope they nerf it even more.


You got the musket treatment, welcome

Hatchet will still be playable if you wanna use it for dps purpose. Even healers , muskets , bow players started to use hatchet because of its ability to survive. If you wanna use it for dps purpose you still got a chance

Why? they changed one “talent/skill”. Is that really all hatchet was in your eyes?

FS on the other had many nerfs lately (FT, Incinerate and Fireball) but you dont see post that say FS is useless “again” do you?

wel… you might not remember the hatchet stacking bug. That did way more harm then any RDD in wars that i know of, but you might be able to name some RDD exploits that was used to win wars?

No it wasn’t. People only had a problem with defy death because there is only one “meta” cleanse on the game. So most people don’t build to deal with it.

new meta ftw?

Hatchet is weaker for sure.

Lack of utility is what makes it a very limited weapon.

Defy death nerf hits it hard IMO.

Beserk is still great tho.

Social distancing is decent for PvP, and infected throw also.

Feral rush decent for PvP and torrent decent for pve.

In pve infected throw and rending throw are ok

I can see the hatchet being phased out by spear as the most popular DPS weapon in pve.

And in PvP it will still be used as a tool that provides great mobility to light armour assassin’s or ranged. But that’s about it.