The Hatchet overpowered garbage

Game is in a good place balance wise, besides one weapon, the HATCHET, the hatchet is just without a doubt the most over powered weapon in the game, it’a damage output is just unrealistic not to mention defy death and self healing just way over tuned

This is a troll post right?

Hatchet is the weapon I worry about the least. It’s easiest to kite, can counter it with a VG easily and it only truly shines in PVE.


Yeah the hatchet should be more like the rapier IMO.

The hatchet is in a great spot. It is nerfed if you have 150+ con and resil as much of the hatchet relies on its high crit multiplier. Also, don’t get hit in the back. Fight a hatchet player head on, pop their defy death, kite for a second or two to get them thinking they have the upper hand, then cc & finish. Once Defy Death is popped, they are extremely vulnerable. A good hatchet player will play for picks if they don’t have a pocket healer, and most players with pocket healers aren’t running hatchet anyways.

If anything, the throwing tree side needs a buff. I’m hoping the Aerial Transmission perk fix coming makes it more viable in group PvP. Personally, I think hatchet headshots that are in bow/musket range should have an incredibly high crit multiplier as it’s extremely hard to pull off consistently.

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This is a troll post.

You can literally move one foot to the right or left and a hatchet will miss it’s mark.

If you get killed by a hatchet…it’s a git gud moment.

Don’t stand there and just take the hits.

Right then y’all should have know it was a troll post

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Ikr hatchet is so broken, especially the throwing side

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Ultimate way to bully a hatchet is to run in a circle around him. Same goes with spear. Just run in a circle.

I don’t think this is a troll post more than someone that sees a hatchet charge head on, get defy and roll away with absolute impunity.

There’s no punishment for reckless gameplay when you have an entire kit of bullshit to get away from a fight once you burn your skills and accomplished nothing.

I’ll start capping OPR of melees chasing rolly pollys, it’s a sad meta and everyone is so happy with it. NGL, I don’t want the melee stun-ball we had before, there has to be a middle ground somewhere.
GA was reduced to an autos macro spammer with a maelstrom here and there. GA you need 4 guys to land 1 stun as the other 3 were chain dodged. There’s some DR on stuns, but no DR on dodging and iframes (yet).

While you can simply chain 4 rolls on a packed war battlefield and travel all 32 meters with no damage received.

You know death defy is coming. If you plan around it, it’s not a get out of jail free card, it’s a death sentence. Most hatchet abilities look good on paper but are useless in application. They’re either out of the player’s control or rely on hatchet’s terrible hitbox.

This is 1000% it.

I love seeing hatchet players because it’s an easy kill. All the smart players have traded out their hatchets for a blunderbuss.

Lol hatchet damage is so low. You can face tank it with fortifying perforate spear or void blade.

And the self-healing is basically irrelevant. The only time hatchet is annoying is if you’re dueling one of those gremlins who pop berserk and run away into the woods to heal.

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