The Healing and Heavy Armor Meta

Right now this is one of the top broken items in the game. We are seeing almost 80% of the people in wars using a light staff because it will basically make you unkillable when wearing heavy armor. There is no reason to wear light armor or medium armor at the moment since the damage scaling is broken. As it stands we need to see a pretty solid nerf toward healing output and the fix to light and medium armor scaling to encourage healers to wear light or medium armor. Having duels and fights where both sides are unkillable is not fun.

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People keep making these threads about nerfing healing without even acknowledging that the actual issue is massive damage mitigation and that a large part of that mitigation is unintended and coming from bugged perks/gems (IE: crit damage reduction is affecting all damage currently).

The reason people who aren’t even speced into focus find life staff healing so useful isn’t because healing output is too high. The actual HoT ticks without focus are actually pretty weak, but even small HoTs become really strong when your damage mitigation is so high that it makes incoming damage just a small trickle. We don’t have that much damage to counter in the first place. Being actually speced into focus on top of having insane mitigation means your larger hot ticks can counter even more damage, but again, you can’t tell if healing output is too high when damage mitigation is bugged and massively inflated.

They don’t need to nerf healing or even heavy armor itself without first fixing damage mitigation bugs so we can even see what balance in this game looks like without bugs. It makes no sense to keep asking for balance changes and nerfs until we even have some idea of where balance actually is without bugs that are massively affecting balance.


I mean at this point everyone knows, just something needs a fix. More threads the better. The devs aren’t dumb (I hope) and know what resil is doing. I’m sure they’d test resil and gems before nerfing the armor.

So does that mean nobody is dieing in wars then? Gee that must make for some very boring battles.

Nice to see that HA for once is worth a damn. In a mmorpg. On the other side - With all this crying about HA and “we” want more DPS. Soon we have 90% the server going around one shooting players, and pulling 100’s of Mobs and area DPS farming!

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