The heart of the tempest

New player to new world. I gotta say this is horrible game design, maybe when the servers were fresh you could find people to do this with. I just hit 60 today and finding people is so painful, mange to get 4 who were outside the gates but we failed horribly as we had no tanks, no healers. Maybe nerf this so us new guys can push pass the main quest. Also please merge storage systems or allow us to pull directly from it when crafting.

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You can literally run alone there.


How we tried, just freaking death.

Use left entrance.

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Thank you, I will post back if we get to the top thank you again

Find a good roof/rock to deaggro mobs if needed :wink: there are a lot of spots.

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we made it, awesome, was actually pretty exciting running to the top, what is the GS for this place or do you recommend?

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Once I hit 60 I bought 590+ gear from trade post so I had around 540. Corrupted ward gear helps a lot :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh you mean tempest dungeon? If you are new I recommend to have 550+ with corrupted gear ward.

Try Lazarus, Genesis or Barnacles expeditions first. Tempest is pretty hard for new players, especially last 2 bosses.

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Do i need to do this place, or can i move forward to the new expansion?

You can move, you get quest “Strider of the sands” popped on your map. It will be in Great Cleave/Shattered mountain/Ebonscale, it depends on your faction.

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You were a lot of help, thank you very much I really appreciate it a lot and will pass this information to my friend.


one last question sorry, do you happen to have a website that shows what gear is best used for Greatsword/Hatchet like for instance heavy vs medium vs light and what wards and stuff i should be aiming for?


I’ve relied on a couple of times. Not sure if the site was updated for the GS.

This is advice I give to people in chat.

The Heart of the Tempest is a hangover from the days when it was the final “end-game”, you got to 60, grinded expertise, got to 570+ and would give it try. Now however it’s not the best path and the fact that it is top of your “Main Story” questline should be ignored for now.
Buy some cheap purple TP gear, do Strider of the Sands and head into Brimstone to get the >600 GS weapons from the questline.

Do WTs (World Tours, elite chest run by large groups), spam Genesis, do your daily Gypsum, there are even lots of solo chests in Brimstone. All these will get your experise up quick.

The mobs in Brimstone hit hard (expect to die to those archers), but the rewards from the quests are worth it and doable at fresh 60 level. Much more so that and elite level zone.

Hopefully when AGS rework the levelling again then something will be done about Heart of the Tempest. I see so many fresh 500 GS lv60s asking to get taken to the entrance, but there isn’t really any point until you are at least 570 (unless you want carried, but I’ve never understood why someone would want to skip some of the best content in the game).

Great advice, it’s what I have been doing man is there anything that can be done to mitigate the amount of damage from the archers, why do they hit soo hard!!! I am solo most of this content and only get lucky sometimes to see others doing the same quest. I wish there were more people playing through the quest line. It really does make for a horrible game experience since most of this is group content. They should really label the quests and “group” I think the content really needs to be looked at for solo players

Theres basically nothing you can do lol, im fully maxed out but i still take so much damage from the archers

Yea it’s pretty insane, even the none Elite archers do so much damage. It’s just crazy. I already told me friend who just hit 60 today that i’ll go with him along his quest line to help him, cause he’s going to get so pissed at dying so much haha

You can use shield/dodge their attacks/cc them with spears/hammers etc.

Archers are not meant to be tanked. All archers in this game hit hard, their attacks are avoidable tho.

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The DoT (Damage Over Time) is fire and poison. The intial hit will be Thrust damage (I assume, not checked). Also Purifying Toast is handy to remove a DoT (I think it always picks the shortest lived one so sometimes better to let one run out and then use it, depnds on the timers).