The increase in Ori and starmetal is great, but

Iron ore is skyrocketing. Can we make steel require 2 ingots instead of 3?

That or just increase yield on all iron ore? Iron is slowly becoming the same price as Ori.

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Iron is cheap stone on my server spikes to 1 coin each on the regular.

Orbs going away will change that I bet.

Same on my server. It’s super expensive right now but than when I run iron route I hardly see any other players. All are farming ori now, once people get over abundance of ori they’ll farm iron again so it’ll stabilize.

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And next step after making Iron ingots for Steel ingots 2 instead of 3 is… removing any resource requirement for any craft, you just go to crafting station and all the resources are limitless and free.

FFS go and farm your iron, asking for making everything easy removes any value for items. Its an endless circle.

At this point it’s easier to farm 2k Ori than iron. Lol.

I do farm.

When iron ore is the same price as Ori ore, there’s a problem.

If asmo went down to 150 each like RL and PW, BiS would still be expensive. Do we play the same game?

Increased ore changes are bad… they like doubled the ores and halved the time of respawn… thats just toooo much… i dont like this

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They are really good at breakin all mechanic of their game, it s astonishing to see them doing it patch after patch …

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