The issue with coin duper’s

The issue here is that when players were duping coins many players and companies duped and gain hundreds of thousands of coins and bought all the top notch armour and weapons and emptied the trading post of everything good.

AGS clearly failed to ban all these players and there was only one roll back which meant there was still hundreds of thousands of coins duped and in the economy.

Now OPR and all PVP is basically useless yet this was originally a pvp game and we are forced to do pvp to get gypsum ect.

So I’m either looking for answers as to when and how AGS plan to find those duper’s and ban them or some heafty compensation.

Until this happens the game is basically screwed and unfair


Who cares, pvp is comoletely broken and unplayable anyway.

Your estimate is missing at least 1 zero and probably 2.


Because it was supposed to be a pvp game to start with.

Because we are forced to do pvp to keep up with everyone.

Because others got banned while the remaining lot haven’t.

Because it’s incredibly annoying in OPR when all I want to do is get the gypsum and get out.

Because OPR has 10 on 1 fights and the one guy is just hoping around doing one two attacks and not losing health even though he’s being battered by 10 players - something clearly wrong.

Because to make an MMO successful it needs to be fair to all players.

Because these duper’s are sitting at end game waiting for new content while we have to work so hard to get there.

Because they cheated.

So the non cheaters need compensation or the cheaters need to be permanently banned.


Wtf is this wall of bullshit you replied to me with? All I said was PVP is broken, idk wtf any of that has to do with PVP being broken.

Read again you said “ who cares “ I explained who cares

More importantly why is your language so vindictive and why are you so mad ?

After all it’s only a game

Guess how much of that matters while pvp is in a hopelessly broken state?

None of it

All of it matters because these are issues that we as a community are raising

AGS hasn’t even banned players who outright cheated using the wiggle-your-window for invincibility cheat around Update 1.0.2. Plus all the exploits that came after, which was literally a new one each week.

They don’t even bother to clearly state whether something is an exploit and bannable or not, but just quietly “fix the issue” – like magic staff machine gun macros exploiting weapon swap to the same type of weapon. So some people got to cheat while everyone else was waiting for action.

This game is a haven for cheaters and exploiters, which means PvP is DOA. AGS should just delete PvP because they can’t handle managing PvP aspects of a game. And we haven’t even talked about weapon balance.

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fallout 76 suffers this same fate, never recovered to this day, some 3? years later…dev ignored it entirely, never even acknoledge hacked weapons items armor, things that can never drop or exists still do…so bad they shut down the game forums to hide from players asking about their lack of effort…so far ags is hitting every marker fo76 did but in RECORD time…what took years for fallout to ignore ags is doing it in months…really is incredible.

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