The lack of intrigue on Mutations

It’s been long enough I think we can agree that slapping a name on a mutation and adding 1 color to a circle was pretty…cheesy. No reskins, no nothing. And its been a long time. And now the entire server just ignores whichever MUT has the no dodge mechanic. This weak SS=So easy a day 1 player could manage with 624. Ennead=No dodge so literally noones even going to bother with it and it’s a dead dungeon for a week. Maybe expand the idea of what a mutation SHOULD be?? If we can’t have proper raids put in some more time on the expos. Barking at a dead tree I know. NW all around is…in desperate need of improvements

Appreciate this feedback @wiccedbug22

Also the group finder was a good start but a little revamp would be good. The game has moved in a very toxic direction as far as M10. Noone does M10 with without forcing players to LINK ALL their gear so the person can then decide if they want to take them or not. Typically, all groups forced to do this fail. Or the person that started the group has BAD gear or NO WARD and makes everyone else LINK so they might get a free ride. If the game has no inspection already, its none of the other players business what you have. Maybe you have secrets you don’t want to show them after all. Perhaps add a WARD METER to the group finder. Reads and registers if you are warded and has that info there to see. perhaps this will make players less picky about forcing everything to be seen

Oh no how dare people want a smooth run :clown_face:

You playing some other game dude not nw

Youre legit suggesting that having to link gear is “toxic” while at the same time suggesting that everyones gear should be made public? :joy::joy::joy: what

Its the META losers that force the links that fail most of the time. If you META…your not a gamer. Because META is kind of like the law, designed for the majority of average unintellectual people. The top players never follow that. And having a damn digit counter that says 5/5 Isn’t exactly showing anyone your gear it’s just covering the only thing that really matters to these losers. Been on plenty of runs. The 5 con link hounds fail and then the pug that just goes at it succeeds. And this is frequent.