The lambs kneel

"Once upon a time there was a server called dry tree, where peace reigned between kingdoms, but since it cannot be idyllic, one day a warlord named Ferox came with his legions to command the territory and overwhelm the little one, some allied themselves with him, like slaughtered lambs, humiliating his shield, sowing his heart and selling his soul thus creating a black list of evil villains.

There were only a few left living in their towns and not obeying their repeated orders or pressures, they became stronger and peace and harmony reigned among them, being all one and repelling the different enemy incursions.

But the enemy was lurking and since they couldn’t do anything they decided to take advantage when they weren’t there and instead of fighting like warriors they decided to act like chickens and occupy their quiet territory, they fought and fought, and even managed to subdue the hordes of mad dogs, but they arrived. their evil king and told them that they either bow down and kneel before him or send the whole army after them, of course the peaceful inhabitants refused such requests and the evil villain overwhelmed everything in his path.

The poor locals, far from being intimidated by such atrocity, decided to unify their most distant towns, created a coalition and went after their great enemy, standing up to him in their own territories.

The warlord could not allow this humiliation and as a good shepherd decided to gather all his sheep, BUT, he did not believe the uprising that those poor locals had caused, “How can I get out of this”, the cruel villain repeated and repeated.

The day came when they all took to the streets and went after him, but what they did not know is that the cruel king had searched and searched among his books on black magic and allied himself with the devil, he managed to give away a village one of her best lambs, the other instead of having her lambs fight her, because she did not trust them, she threw herself headfirst with her best men, and the other that the inhabitants of the place had put all their trust, as an art of magic made her disappear.

The poor and subdued peasants did not believe such arts of black magic, except and overwhelmed that that villain was so afraid of them to resort to such arts, they searched and searched for a solution, they asked the gods how it was possible that that powerful army had so afraid as to resort to such an evil plan.

But sometimes the gods don’t want to listen and the inhabitants get tired of praying, because not all stories have a happy ending."

No more exploits that we are up to the eggs of the traps.

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Man I got lost like 30% of the way in.




I want, no, need this read and recorded out loud just as it is written.

If awkward stick illustrations were included, that would be WILD.

“You still wake up sometimes, don’t you? Wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the lambs.”
– Hannibal Lecter

Well written bro! :blush: :+1: