The Light and Medium armor damage bonuses should be multiplicative not additive

As most people who have spent a significant time pvping know, heavy armor is far superior to the other armors. I believe a major reason for this is the fact that the increased damage from light and medium is far too small. A major reason for this is due to the existence of so many damage buffs that 10% - 20% becomes a drop in the bucket. I believe that making the damage bonus a multiplicative bonus would be much more advantageous.

Lets look at the example of a firestaff user. For ease of mathematics we will assume that the base damage is 1000 using a light attack.
Int bonuses: 10% from 50int perk +15% from 150 perk
Firestaff bonuses: 10% from Clear Casting 10% from Clear Mind 20% from Pyromania

Light Attack Non-Crit:
Additive Values (current form of game):
Heavy Armor: 1650
Medium Armor: 1750
Light Armor: 1850

Multiplicative Values (my proposal):
Heavy Armor: 1650
Medium Armor: 1815
Light Armor: 1980

In the current state of the game the light armor user is only actually doing 12% more damage than the heavy armor user due to the abundance of damage modifiers. When making it multiplicative it maintains the 20% difference that is described. Aside from the balance issues that make this a good decision, I also believe that it makes more sense intuitively. If you were to read someone the text describing the damage bonuses for armors most people would think it would be the second set of numbers. A 20% difference in armor should maintain 20%, not dip drastically as a mountain of other modifiers get tacked on. In fact, the greater the number of modifiers, the smaller the bonus for light armor users.


Thx for this. I agree as we.

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