The Living Crytal Quest

Seeing Douuble
Orun World
The Dryad Beast needed for quest doesn’t spawn
Not able to continue questline until this is completed
Fix the spawn of the of the Dryad Beast, Malevolence

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This seems to be an occurring issue across multiple different servers.

After the server maintenance, he spawned in but after a while of fighting him, he just disappears

I just killed him with some others on Server Revenal (en/de) after the maintenance - because thats the only time the Boss spawns.

However I didn’t get any quest items for the hammer quest…

Is it possible to add the required item to the droptable of the dryad bears roaming the temple?

Also fix that respawn - need another downtime now for another try but the effort is crazy for an item with less than 100% deopchance.

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