The main problems of the game and ways to solve them

I’ll start off by saying that I’m a stable CBT player, with over 1500 hours on Steam at the moment, and I have a lot to say to the devs:

  1. There is no roadmap. Yes, in this game, like any other, there are bugs / problems, but they are solved one way or another. At the same time, the community of players does not know anything about further plans to update the game when the DLC, new weapons and territories are released (it seems that we are playing at the closed beta testing stage). A lot of time has passed since the release of the game, and we still do not know about the long-term plans for the development of the game. Many of my friends have left, that they are tired of waiting for new content and do not even know when they will wait for it and if they will wait at all. Why do we learn about new weapons and territory not from developers, but from data miners? Dear developers, how long will this last? Why such a failure in management? Take a cue from the famous studios Blizzard Activision or Pearl Abyss, they regularly hold online presentations of new content in their MMORPGs, where players can learn about the long-term plans for the development of their favorite game, ask them questions and share their opinion in real time.
  2. The game does not display character characteristics from equipment and totems. What is displayed is a small part. We do not see, for example, that the luck bonus adds up to the total figure and that it generally works from totems or equipment, we think that the bonus can disappear from time to time (for example, due to server problems or game errors) and you need to reinstall all trophies. Many in our company live in superstition, no one knows exactly how trophies work, whether their perks in things give a real bonus or it’s just a bug. Absolutely all perks in things and totems should be in the characteristics. Only then will players not have any superstitions that their equipment works as intended by the developers. No need to reassure us that everything works, it’s better to just add it to the game interface and we’ll see for ourselves.
  3. There is no training for beginners in the game, I’m not asking you to simplify something. Just add a clear study, where in the game they will explain the mechanics and what he can do with himself. The information inside the game is already outdated.
  4. I ask you to make cinematic videos for presentations and inside the game, they are pleasant to watch and the player will be more imbued with the atmosphere of the game.
  5. Develop the main storyline. Now the storyline just breaks off, it is not clear where we are going. Players should know more about the lore of the game, for many it is interesting.
  6. The achievement system is not developed. Holidays are introduced inside the game, new mechanics are introduced, but the system of achievements remains the same as in CBT. She becomes irrelevant. Update it and it will be cool.
  7. Russian localization of the game. Why wasn’t it added at release? This issue has been raised many times on Steam and on the game forum, tens of thousands of players have signed up for this request. Why is there no news whether it is planned? There are a lot of acquaintances who refused to play your game, just because there is no localization, because you forgot about us. Look at Zenimax studio, which added Russian localization to The Elder Scroll Online and immediately noticed the growth of online servers. Don’t miss out on our market, localize it, Russians love the MMORPG genre very much. #RussianLanguageMatter

Friends, write your review on this one, leave a comment, invite the developers, let’s draw attention to the problems and make our favorite game better.


Release was not even 4 months ago… What did they expect? A new area every month?

That’s not a problem of the game, thats playerbased… hurry hurry, rush rush and then grumble, cry, leave.


Uhm, no. The game just launched with a pitiful amount of content.

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Of course, no one is waiting to be showered with content, people just want to know when and how it will develop in the future.

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The main problem with the game is that the core mechanics are broken and easily exploited. That and the lack of policing by AGS has ruined it. All of your suggestions do not address any of those flaws.

In summary, pointless post. Sorry.

Maybe its not the right game for your interests? Thousend of Players have played for 500+ hours - i think thats definitly fair for the price of the game.

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