The melee META in mutations needs to die. Fast

I would love to see their numbers on how big of a percentage of players have done m10 with a mage in the group.

So far I spent all my time on FSS with a firestaff and ice gauntlet until I hit m9/m10 and now I am constantly being denied entry to groups and I cant even make my own group because of the gate keeping. I absolutely love how I spent all my umbral shards and now I am hard stuck until I get enogh shards to level a hatchet/greatsword/axe like every other player. Wohoo. Class diversity!

14 weapons, 2 of them only really useable in PvP and 5 in PvE. The rest is just kinda there floating around cluttering bags, storages and filling up loot tables.


You say that but 2 of my mutation boys run musket/bow and we gold m10 just fine. Yes it would be faster with melee but not impossible. The ranged are better at duels and skirmishes but aren’t as effective in pvp. And before you say melee is busted in pvp too, a med or heavy melee can’t touch a good properly positioned ranged in light

I agree that PvE stuff is most definitely skewed in favor of melee builds, it’s unfortunate that most people cannot get passed the “need” to be as efficient as possible as m10s can be golded with mages just fine.

On the other hand, there’s always going to be something that people will see as “most efficient” and that/those builds will always be taken over other builds. Mages today, maybe it’s Dex tomorrow.


group with mage 20/28 minutes.

Group without mage 16 minutes.

I mean, theres some difference, i can run almost 4 MUT10 in 1 hour.

Talking about GEN since its UP this week.

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Like I said, eliminate the need to be as fast as possible while still getting gold and all of the sudden having mages in the group becomes fine.

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yeah but why tho?

If i can make something faster, with the same results, why should i go slower?


Idk. Maybe you have mage friends or something that you don’t want to leave out lol.

There’s also that it doesn’t really need to be a speed run, every run right?

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I got mage friends who are are PvP mages, that switch to hacthet/VG or spear/VG for running M10.

VG is the only mage weapon that sees play in M10.

Other than that, mages do not have the same survivablity that other weapons give trhoug their skill trees, talking about stamina regen-fortify-litterally avoiding death with hatchet.

Then there is the cleave ability of melee weapons.
Mage weapon Light attack hit only one mob(Voidblade exceptiion) while meele swings hit the whole clump of enemies.

IE: FS/IG is not bringing anything usefull to the run, the only good stuff is the slow from ice storm that is gonna trigger the 10% damage bonus against slowed enemy from the 200 str dex attribute milestone.

Yeah, but players don want to be trapped in a dungeon for 30 minutes when you can clear it in half the time.


Why the heck would someone against buffing a weapon in PvE, are you so scared that the buff will screw pvp balance.

There’s a way to buff PvE without touching pvp side, it’s nerf mob resistance.


When leaderboards come out for dungeons hopefully they take a look at this and if mage is underperforming as we all believe then hopefully they fix it.

Easiest fix would be to change weakness of all enemies types to the dmg that is underperforming.

If fire and ice are underperforming in pve, then make all mobs 30 percent weak to this dmg type. Simple fix.


You forgetting the part that sometime if you don’t clear mob fast enough, there’s chance that run will fail.

Which if why most people would choose the efficient way and gatekeep underperforming class in Pubs run.

i wish they would seperate pvp from pve. that way they could do crazy buffs to underwhelming classes for pve. mage is so fun to play but like you said you just cant get into m10 with it. i mean i get it, we deny mages aswell. greatswords are just so crazy overpowered and with the new time limits we need all the timesavings we can get.

i also dont like the resistences. even if magic weapons would be buffed in pve half the time you cant play them because the mobs, for some reason, have resistences against it.


They already did that, no? I mean aside from the actual mutation adding resistance.


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People in here seriously talking about Mages being viable in Mutations when half of the time the Mutation literally makes the Mobs completely resistant against Fire, Ice or Void.

But it‘s all balanced since there is also a Mutation that reduces Slash dam… Oh wait there isn‘t.


Hence why AGS needs to stop nerfing the FS and rework that and the IG otherwise they should just delete these weapons and stop causing all this friction between PvP and PvE playerbase as no one rightfully would use them for specific reasons mentioned already.

Or they could add melee resistances to mutator effects to even the playing field and add more diversity to group composition, thereby negating the melee only meta that has evolved.

Yes add a slash damage mutation where mobs have 50% slash resist and suddenly people have to use a different weapon. It’s only fair since mages have to deal with mutated elements and I say that as a melee player.

Still that doesn’t fully fix the problem. Maybe every weapon isn’t intended to have a “high DPS” tree but you think mages would have one option. They could just make ice pylon stronger to make IG meta in BnB since it (pylon) doesn’t see much use in PvP anyway.

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It’s an impossible task to make every weapon perfectly balanced in both pvp and pve, in my opinion.

You can work around any mutation since you have 3 elements to choose from though?

It’s not like the mobs have inherent resistances anymore, for example, corrupted is no longer resistant to ice(unless there is an ice mutator).