The Monty Haul Campaign

When I started playing the predecessor pen-and-paper genre, there was a derogatory name for campaigns where the game master would shower the players in treasure – “Monty Haul”, names after the host Monty Hall, of the old TV game show, Let’s Make a Deal.

So much already drops in this game, that I feel it’s turned into the Monty Haul of MMO’s. Crafting feels pointless because so much rare loot drops; epic weapons and armor get listed for pittances, we salvage gear that should have excited us for repair parts, and rare and unusual crafting materials pile up so much that we end up throwing them out to save space. Wolves drop[ rare suits of armor, pigs carry magic swords, and none of it makes sense.

Now we’ve had another buff to drops from supply chests, and I hear rumors there will be buffs to rare drops off gathering nodes.

I think this is broken, and needs attention.

I feel like gear items drops from animals should be eliminated; gear drops from regular intelligent/humanoid monster cut by a factor of ten or more, and chest loot ought to be cut back hugely as well. Make crafting matter, halt deflation in the traders, make striking luck feel lucky, and make Treasure rare and wonderful again.

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Although it may be too late. Those ‘rare’ blue items should be just that → rare.

One should feel excited about getting one, and having the ability to slot a gem into a piece of gear or a couple. Things beyond that should have an “aaah! YES!” factor to them, and be absolutely very hard to get.

I’d be good with a total wipe and reset. Too many people exploited things that shouldn’t have happened, too many people jumped on the gold sellers’ sites to buy funds for territories.

Of course that’s unlikely to happen, and the people who spent real life currency to buy game money would be the ones screaming the loudest against this. That would actually be pretty entertaining!

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