The most serious Problematic moments of the game in the short and long term

Leveling till 30 lvl is good, leveling from lvl 30=>51 is not so complex as it was before. This starts from the location of Cutlass Keys, sublocation Balmy Veldt, I began to come across an incredibly increased respawn of monsters. The most overwhelming location with this problem is the Great Cleave.
It is so sharp that you, having a level ~ equal to mobs and playing with DPS weapons, will not be able to clear even a small area in order to calmly complete the quest / loot suply / gather trees/etc.
I just dont want to waste a tons of time to killing all that mobs, who follow me for 1 node of Iron/starmetal/wyrdwood more of all - they will spawn all when you gather 1 tree.

Please deal something with mobs aggro list + their spawn time + time and distance they are follow you.

Another part of the problem is the mechanics of mobs - too sticky attacks, u just cant dodge them if u play melee weapon and try to evade the damage (all ghosts, mobs with pickaxes, mobs with 1-h axes, mobs with shovels).

In summary: leveling in this game based in complex of gathering + refine + questing + town projects (+ for craft, but u can easily avoid this if u want), 30+ lvl you lose interest in gathering at the same time with questing, and therefore in refine. There is an urgent need to return to old locations and compete with newcomers in collecting t2 resources to provide yourself with additional experience for leveling and this is allready a hard problem.

In the early days, almost everyone ran with the War-mode turned on, now they are rare units, because it is not difficult to kill the 20th with the 50th lvl, which forces them to turn off the war-mode and not turn it on until lvl 60.

Interface in battle - it is … not good. Much people talked about this. Just give us a toolkit that anyone can use to adjust the position of the cooldowns wherever it suits us.

Healer interface - In dungeons for 5 people, with a sharp decrease in the health of one of the party members, there is no normal opportunity to take aim at this player and purposefully give heal.


I totally agree with you, at the expense of the heal interface generally hitting my heart.

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