The most TOXIC guild in jotunheim, Perla Nera

(sorry for my bad english)
since the start of the game the server Jotunheim is threatened by Perla Nera Guild, headed by their GM fant4, an alpha player who play the game since the alpha version.
i won’t speak about how they are accused of lag abusing, glitch abusing, by the rest of the player, because i don’t persoanlly think they do it intentionally.
i won’t speak about their bad attitude in the trying of getting in the way of low lvl players incresing taxes and not renowing the town board. i want just to speak about their expressed will of flaming and beeign toxic. and i will proove it showing some screens. theese immages have been shared today by some player and i will try to translate them.

in theese screen their GM fanta, explicitly says how flaming is a game mechaincis, how he loves it, and encourage it in his guild, and how he likes it and how he will keep flaming and beeing toxic if not stopped by amazon itslef.
offending all server players

here he keep insulting a player, with sentences like “you worth nothing” “you are nothing”

here some more screens of some of guild memebers who admit their intnetionl in “make player quit the game” or threatening senteces like “you will be my content in the next months”

i’d like to show all this, not only to amazon, but to all italian and international new world community. hoping their reputation will damage them to the future and present players


Probably best to send a ticket in, usually “naming and shaming” on forums is more likely to land you in hot water. Plus it gives people like this the small weiner notoriety they desperately want.


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